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The Top 5 Talkers In Professional Wrestling History

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

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To be successful in professional wrestling, wrestlers must have skills in the ring and a certain level of athleticism. These are the two core fundamentals that create a good foundation for wrestlers. But in order for a pro wrestler to be a superstar in the business, they must posses the ability to talk a big game on the microphone. Cutting good promos, along with great skills in the ring and athleticism combined can make legends in the world of professional wrestling. Some of the greatest superstars in pro wrestling history have told great stories on the mic and have given the fans an extra incentive to watch them wrestle in the ring. Here are the top five greatest talkers in pro wrestling, from No. 5 to No. 1.

5. Hulk Hogan Hulk Hogan became a household name in professional wrestling with his charisma and his ability to cut promos. When wrestling fans heard Hogan speak, they were drawn to his magnetic personality and the passion he felt for his “Hulkamaniacs,” the millions of fans that rallied behind Hogan. That passion resonated toward his opponents, but it wasn't admiration they felt—it was hatred, and Hogan's opponents felt the wrath of “Hulkamania” when they locked up with Hogan. Hulk Hogan was truly a memorable superstar the minute he spoke on the microphone.

4. The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has the complete package—million dollar smile, superb ability in the ring and fantastic athleticism. Along with those accolades, The Rock cut some of the best promos in wrestling, bar none. When he grabbed the mic, fans eagerly awaited for him to speak as he ran rough shot and humiliated his opponents with his witty repertoire of insults. The Rock coined some of pro wrestling’s most notorious phrases and insults such as: Candy-ass, It doesn’t matter, Jabroni and so many others. The Rock was truly the highlight of the Attitude Era, and he changed the way promos were cut in the ring for future superstars.

3. Dusty Rhodes The “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes grew up from humble beginnings as the son of a plumber, and he spoke for the common blue-collar working man. When he spoke of “hard times,” every average wrestling fan in America knew exactly where he was coming from and could identify with his strong words. Dusty's promos were passionate but intense, and every wrestling fan could feel his struggle through their television sets every week. Along with his talk of being the average man, Dusty would let his opponents know exactly what he was going to do to them the minute they stepped into the ring with him. He never beat around the bush and knew exactly what he wanted—to be the world's heavyweight champion. Dusty Rhodes worked magic on the microphone, and he will always be remembered as a representative of the people.

2. Roddy Piper The “Hot Rod” himself, Roddy Piper was no stranger to controversy, and whenever he spoke on the microphone, wrestling fans knew they were in for a treat. Piper never held back and always spoke his mind, no matter what the topic of conversation was. Piper's promos were always 100 percent passion and 200 percent intensity, and wrestling fans actually believed the loathing he felt for his opponents when he spoke about them on the microphone. If Piper were cutting promos in 2012 the way he did in 1985, every second word or thought would be muted out and the censors would be working overtime just to try to salvage whatever was left of his promos. Roddy Piper truly earned his nickname “rowdy,” and wrestling fans appreciated him for being just that. And now, the No. 1 greatest talker in professional wrestling....

1. Ric Flair The “Nature Boy” Ric Flair always talked a big game and backed it up in the ring. When Flair spoke of limousine riding, jet flying, gorgeous women and thousand-dollar suits, wrestling fans were rabid and wanted to lynch Flair, because he was living the lifestyle that they were not. But at the same time, those fans could not stray from Flair the minute he started speaking. When Ric Flair spoke, he embodied what every single wrestling fan wanted to be—successful. When it came to his opponents, Flair did not mince words, and they knew that the “dirtiest player in the game” was after them. Ric Flair's promos sometimes bordered on insanity, and wrestling fans wouldn't dare double-cross him if the opportunity were put in front of them. Ric Flair was the master of the microphone, and he brought the concept of the promo to the forefront of professional wrestling.

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