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WWE: The Top 5 Best Looking Championship Belts in History

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Throughout the years, the WWE has created some title belts that are simply legendary. Others have been just painful to look at. These titles have changed designs over the years since the inception of the WWE. Here is a short list of the top five best looking championship belts in WWE history, starting from 5 to No. 1.

5.) WWE “Attitude Era” World Title (1998 – 2002) This title was brought in during the WWE’s most successful and popular era of all time: the Attitude Era. The Rock won a 14 Man WWE Championship Tournament at the 1998 Survivor Series, when this new variation of the classic “Winged Eagle” was presented to him. It was a larger belt and consisted of the new WWE Scratch Logo that was the symbol of the attitude era. This title was held by various WWE Superstars, from Steve Austin to Chris Jericho.

4.) WWE World Tag Team Titles (1985 – 2002) These titles were worn by some of the greatest tag teams in the WWE, from The Hart Foundation to The New Age Outlaws, and were known for having their trademark “WORLD” in large red block letters. They were also the longest used titles from the 1980s, and the most popular among fans of WWE Tag Team Wrestling.

3.) Andre the Giant Custom World Title (1987) This title was never actually an active title in the WWE. When Andre challenged Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania III, this title was on backup in case he defeated Hogan. This title was over 5 feet long and could fit around the massive waist of Andre, and that was the main reason why it was created. This title design is a true testament of Andre the Giant’s larger-than-life size, and is truly a masterpiece.

2.) WWE Intercontinental Title (1986 – 1998) This title was worn by some of the greatest WWE Legends of all time, from Randy Savage to Shawn Michaels. Legend has it that when Savage won the title from Tito Santana, he used Brasso polish, which destroyed the gold plating. In 1988, a new version with the same design was created. This title in the 1980s was known as the “Workers Title,” and some of the greatest matches of all time were fought over this prestigious title. Now, the No. 1 Best Looking WWE Championship Belt In History...

1.) The “Winged Eagle” WWE Championship (1988 – 1998) This title debuted in February 1988 during an episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event around the waist of then champion Hulk Hogan. He was set to face Andre the Giant, and when he stepped through the curtain, the new Winged Eagle was unveiled to wrestling fans. This is arguably the most popular title belt of all time, and the greatest in the business have worn this title, from Randy Savage to Bret “The Hitman” Hart. This title made a huge impact in the WWE during in the decade it was active, and to this day, it is still talked about by wrestling fans as being the best looking WWE title of all time.

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