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Interview With Nick "Big Bully" Busick, Former WWE Superstar

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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Hello again wrestling fans, welcome to another stupendous interview here on *Kayfabe Kickout. I had the great pleasure to speak with former WWE Superstar Nick "Big Bully" Busick. Busick started out in the WWWF in the late 1970's, and in the mid 1980's Busick moved to Atlanta, Georgia and while employed as a Police Officer wrestled for Georgia Championship Wrestling, where he launched the "Bully" Character on the unsuspecting wrestling fans. Busick went back to the WWE in the early 1990's and in the short time he was with the company he was a popular heel, who had some fantastic matches with the likes of Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith and Kerry Von Erich. I spoke with Nick on various aspects of pro wrestling, his career as a Police Officer as well as his Nutritional Bar Company, Big Bully Nutrition. Richard: For wrestling fans that may not be aware with what you are involved with today, can you give us an update on the busy schedule of Nick "Big Bully" Busick?

Nick: I own a protein bar company called ‘Big Bully Nutrition’ and we offer a variety of post workout nutritional bars, and we are currently working to expand with other products. I also referee high school wrestling in Ohio and West Virginia. Of course I still am an avid weight training enthusiast focusing on strength training. Richard: When was the precise moment you decided you wanted to become a professional wrestler? Nick: I was approximately 6 years old watching Studio Wrestling on Channel 11 in Pittsburgh, Pa. and I absolutely loved the business. I started wrestling around 32 years ago, and while I was a high school wrestler a man from Steubenville, OH. by the name of Mike Paidousis and Danny “Bulldog” Pledge who flew me to Texas to train and I learned how to tie up and apply a headlock, then I went back to Pittsburgh. The first 5 to 7 years I wrestled was my schooling, Mike and Danny kept booking me to wrestle in the WWWF and I kept my mouth shut. A lot of guys there really taught me the business once I was there; Johnny Valiant and Dominic DeNucci to name a few. Richard: In addition to being a pro wrestler, you were employed as a police officer. What was it like to be involved in a high stress profession at such an early age in the 1970’s? Nick: That was a job where I never regretted going work. Then again, I never stayed long at a job I did not like. As far as stress.... it fueled the adrenaline, enough said! Richard: The "Big Bully" Character you portrayed in the WWE in the early 90's was such a great concept for a heel; do you think it could be utilized in professional wrestling in 2012? Nick: Two other wrestlers that I know of have attempted to tag themselves as a Bully with no success. You hear wrestlers being referred to as “Bullies,” and every time that happens Big Bully Busick seems to get a little push. Seems as if Big Bully Busick locked that gimmick, or so I want to believe LOL! Richard: You had some great work with Bret Hart in your time in the WWE, what was it like working with Bret? Nick: I only worked with Bret once. It reminded me of working with Joel Deaton, who in my opinion is one of the best to ever step into the ring. To answer your question, I was very comfortable with Bret and he was a technician in the ring, very good. I was more comfortable working Bret’s type of match than any other. In my own opinion Bret has the most respect for professional wrestling than any other performer in the business. Richard: In 2012 there are a lot of options in regards to fitness nutrition products, what makes Big Bully Nutrition different from the others? Nick: Bully Bars are like a protein bar on Steroids, and every bar contains high amounts of protein, and five grams of L-Arginine, which is an amino acid that helps with the body’s circulation. The bars also have low sugar, which is excellent for the athlete who is concerned about foods with high sugar levels. Our bars also contain Glutamine, which is another important amino acid that helps with brain function, digestion and immune system function. Glutamine levels become depleted after a workout, so the Bully Bar is great for that post workout snake to increase your Glutamine levels. It’s something that’s never been done in the realm of nutritional bars. Richard: Did you ever receive any actual heat from fans with your "Big Bully" antics before you stepped in the ring?

Nick: The balloon popping and dumping kid’s popcorn got great heat, and there were some fans that were really upset, and you really couldn’t blame them. Vince was really upset that I did those things to kids and I thought it was stupid but I was 1000% wrong. This is where I should have listened more intently and carried out what the then WWF wanted. I wanted the “Bully” character to be more cartoonish, but I don’t think I gave Vince McMahon what he wanted. He wanted more of a character similar to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, more aggressive, and I think that’s why the character didn’t last long in the WWE. But all the times I worked with Vince he was nothing but 100% professional with me. Richard: Have you ever had any interest working for the WWE, perhaps as a booker or road agent? Nick: I started with them when it was the WWWF, of course I would entertain any position and I still consider the WWE as home. Richard: While working as a police officer did you ever get any grief from your co-workers about your career as a pro wrestler? Nick: No, it enhanced the job. Richard: Do you have any advice for aspiring pro wrestlers that want to get into the business? Nick: Respect the business and the fans. Fans can find Nick "Big Bully" Busick on Facebook. I want to personally thank Nick Busick for taking the time to speak with me here at *Kayfabe Kickout.

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