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Interview With David Herro, Co-Host Of The Pro Wrestling Report & GLCW Promoter

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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Welcome back wrestling fans to yet another stupendous interview here on *Kayfabe Kickout. This time around I had the pleasure to speak with David Herro, Co-Host of The Pro Wrestling Report on BlogTalkRadio.com and Promoter for Great Lakes Championship Wrestling. David has been a co-host on the Pro Wrestling Report since 2008, in that short span he has become one of the most well known, and most respected professional wrestling radio personalities in the business. In addition to his duties as the PWR Show co-host, David heads Great Lakes Championship Wrestling, which for more than a decade is a tremendously successful promotion out of the Mid-Western United States. With the success of GLCW David created Blizzard Brawl, a showcase of some of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, as well as a fantastic fan-fest to show appreciation to the diehard fans of the midwest. I spoke with David on the late Brad Armstrong, how he became friends with Kevin Nash, the CM Punk - Paul Heyman "Heart Attack" Angle and much more! Richard: When was the precise moment you decided you wanted to get into the business of co-hosting a radio show about professional wrestling? David: Dameon Nelson asked me if I would like to sit in and guest co host on occasion about 4 years ago…I Had no idea I would still be sitting next time him. I enjoy it, we have good chemistry, and I love that fact that I am usually right. Richard: For the wrestling fans who may not be familiar with Blizzard Brawl and Great Lakes Championship Wrestling, can you give us a rundown on what it's all about? David: GLCW was started in 1997 by me and a buddy. We wanted to do something different, make it a little more fan friendly and family friendly. Wrestling was so hot back then we could not do anything wrong. We drew over 800 people one night with WWE Lightweight Champ, Gillberg on the show. Back in 97 & 98 WWE would let me use their talent on my events. Blizzard Brawl was supposed to be a one and done tribute show for the Life of The Crusher who has passed. This Saturday is number 8. Still no idea how that happened. Blizzard Brawl is now a Fan fest with wrestling thrown in. This year we have stars from all eras of wrestling and are almost sold out on all the Meet and Greet packages. It has become a destination show for many fans in the Midwest. Richard: The Pro Wrestling Report has been running since 1998, did you ever come across any major obstacles that you thought would get in the way of the shows progress? David: Not really. Dameon and I just have fun. We talk about pro wrestling. We have our own schedule and we have tremendous friends in the business that give us guidance and great ideas. Richard: I would like to get your thoughts on the CM Punk - Paul Heyman "Heart Attack" Angle on WWE RAW, a lot of wrestling fans were outraged and felt the WWE went too far. Do you think the WWE crossed the line? David: For me I hated it. I understand the attitude and the shock aspect of it, but the fans love Jerry Lawler. He is a Legend and a huge fan favorite. They had just showed them pounding on his chest with paddles and the ambulance driving away….I wanted to change the channel. Richard: There are many different opinions on what exactly killed WCW, in your own opinion what do you think was the one factor that caused its demise? David: The death of WCW was too many cooks in the kitchen. Too much money was spent on too many big contracts. Creative had no more ideas because all the top talent had creative control. Egos ruined WCW Richard: Do you think the WWE should be more open to speak to the wrestling news media, including the Pro Wrestling Report? David: The WWE is a world wide conglomerate. The IWC is not that important to them, but mainstream social media is. That is why they Tweet and TOUT. It does not bother me that the WWE does not want to grant interviews to us, I get it, they want to protect their brand. Unfortunately today, anybody can be a “reporter” or a news source. Richard: Have you ever had any doubts about working with Dameon Nelson? David: None. Ever Richard: I'd like to get your thoughts on the late Brad Armstrong if I could? David: Brad Armstrong was and will always be one of my favorite in ring performers. He was so good, he was so creative. The guy could have a great match with anyone. The only thing he lacked was that charisma. If he had a thimble of what his brother Road Dogg had he would have been a huge main event star. Brad Armstrong was way ahead of his time and I will miss him. Richard: You and Kevin Nash are extremely good friends, can you talk about how you and Kevin became fast friends? David: Nash and I first worked together at a signing in the Chicagoland area about 5 years ago. The promoter did not have all the money to pay everyone and since I booked the talent on the event I felt that I should help out and make sure everyone got paid. I told Kev I can get the money back from the promoter easier than he could. That day forward we had mutual respect for each other and every event we have done since then has been a money make and a huge success. Richard: If you were given 200 million dollars and asked to create a new ECW or WCW, how would you do it and would you do things differently from guys like Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff? David: I would get the guys that understand the business. I would get guys like Paul Heyman, Shane McMahon, Kevin Nash, Al Snow, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn... Guys that have drawn money and have creative minds. With the exception of Shane and Nash, the other guys worked the indies... The know how to draw in a territory. You mix in a talented group of believable characters. Fans can follow David Herro on Twitter @DavidHerro, on Facebook and fans can also check out PWR Show On BlogTalkRadio.com. I want to personally thank David Herro for taking the time to speak with me here at *Kayfabe Kickout.

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