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Interview With "Outlaw" Adam Knight, Veteran Canadian Professional Wrestler

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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Welcome back wrestling fans to another fabulous interview here at *Kayfabe Kickout. This time around I had the immense pleasure to speak with "Outlaw" Adam Knight, veteran Canadian professional wrestler. Adam has been involved in professional wrestling since 1995, and has performed all over North America for a multitude of pro wrestling promotions, as well as in Japan for former WWE Superstar Tajiri's SMASH Pro Wrestling. In nearly two decades Adam has worked with some of the most well known superstars in professional wrestling history such as; Samoa Joe, The Road Warriors, Marcus "Buff" Bagwell, Steve Corino and others. In addition to working for SMASH Pro Wrestling (Wrestling New-Classic) in the late 2000's Adam has wrestled for CHIKARA Pro, an immensely successful promotion which is headed by Mike Quackenbush. I spoke with Adam on various aspects of professional wrestling, including thoughts on his favorite wrestlers to work with, professional wrestling in Canada, his thoughts on working in Japan and more. Richard: When was the precise moment you decided you wanted to become a professional wrestler?

Adam: It's funny because I am not sure I ever really "Decided", wrestling is something I sort of fell into at that part of every young man's life where you start to feel lost and directionless. I was flunking University and heard about a local office through friends of mine. So Jay, Chad and I went out and met with the local promoter and crew, got ever loving crap kicked out of us and now - 18 years later - here I am returning the favor to lost young men. Richard: Later in your career you had the chance to work in Japan for SMASH Pro Wrestling, can you give us a picture of what it was like to perform for an essentially much different professional wrestling audience? Adam: First and foremost I want to thank everyone involved with SMASH (now Wrestling New-Classic) in Japan for taking a chance on me, including of course Tajiri-san. I love the Japanese culture, environment and people. Such a beautiful country. For years prior to going to Japan I had been told how hard it is to work in front of them, how Japanese fan standards were much higher and demanding a more physical, hard hitting standard. And while I would certainly agree with that statement, I think more people need to realize how badly the people in attendance want to be engaged by the wrestlers, no different than any crowd I have ever worked for in Canada or the USA. Sure, it's a different vibe, but I just figured "I am gonna do my thing and see what happens". As far as i am concerned, I think it went really well. Richard: On several occasions you had the opportunity to tryout for the WWE, in your own opinion what do you think were the factors on why you weren't picked to work for the company? Adam: I would never presume to speak for WWE on any subject. But in self evaluating I can say that the first time I tried out I was terrified and it showed. Despite having a number of years experience under my belt prior to the tryout, it's a completely different thing going from small gyms, bars and community centers to an empty arena, under the lights with Steve Regal, Dean Malenko and the rest of the crew giving you the eye. Flat out, I wasn't ready and it showed. Richard: Being a professional wrestler of a larger stature, do you think that size really matters in determining on whether or not a specific wrestler can get over in the business? Adam: Being able to connect with the paying audience is the one and only thing that matters. The whole term "Getting Over" refers to the audience. Your look, build, gear and talent certainly will help - but at the end of the day, if you can connect and make them care about you - you're over. Richard: You had the chance to work with some of the most notable pro wrestlers in the business; Samoa Joe, Steve Corino, The Legion Of Doom, Marcus "Buff" Bagwell, etc. Who was your favorite to work with in the ring and why? Adam: Joe and Corino were probably my favorites. Guys who were willing to go hard and put it on the line for the people. Richard: Canada is well known for producing some of the greatest wrestlers in history, do you think Canadian Pro Wrestlers are more passionate about the business in general? Adam: I have met people from all over the world who show incredible passion for pro wrestling. Boys from Europe, Japan and the USA who show dedication, effort and the discipline to improve. With that said, there is something about Canada that produces some truly hard working folks in many professions, not just wrestling. If I had to guess as to "why" I would suggest that it has something to do with how spread out we are in this country. It is not uncommon for Canadian grappler's to make a weekend of shows by having to drive over 8 to 10 hours between towns for the events. That kind of determination translates into other aspects of our lives. Combine that with our significantly lower population and - statistically - Canadians who get a break tend to stick out and be less of a "Dime a Dozen". Richard: Have you ever thought about working for TNA? Adam: Sure. Has TNA ever thought about booking me? Richard: Do you think the business of professional wrestling in 2012 has changed for the better, or are the earlier days of the business needed to quote "put asses in the seats"? Adam: I believe that wrestling is best when it's broken down to its simplest forms. Two or more people have an issue that they are fighting over, one of them is stalwart and true while the other is more devious - develop the issue between them and get people interested in wanting to watch them fight. Richard: In 2006 you worked for CHIKARA Pro, what was it like working for a promotion that's slightly different from other indy promotions in terms of the quality of the work in the ring? Adam: Mike Quackenbush is a mad scientist. CHIKARA gets away with more ridiculous things than I ever would have thought possible and still is able to call it wrestling. I loved my CHIKARA experience even though I was hopelessly unprepared for what I was in for. As per usual, instead of trying to "fit in" I would have done better had I been determined to "stick to my guns" as it were. Overall, a terrific crew and I wish Quack and CHIKARA all the continued success that their incredibly hard work deserves. It is my hope to lead a Canadian Trio at KOT some point in the future. Richard: If given the opportunity would you tryout for the WWE again? Adam: Well, I doubt that Vince and Co. are looking for a 36 year old guy who's a little beat up, but if I got the call I'd make sure to be ready. never say never man. Fans can follow Adam Knight on Twitter @OutlawAK and on Facebook as well. I want to personally thank "Outlaw" Adam Knight for taking the time to speak with me here at *Kayfabe Kickout.

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