• By Richard Boudreau, Kayfabe Kickout Lead Editor

Why Shawn Michaels Should Be In Upper Management Of The WWE

Shawn Michaels is, without a doubt, the most charismatic and naturally-gifted WWE superstar in history, and in his illustrious career, he has achieved monumental success as a performer. He will be known as a superstar that always gave 110 percent when he was in the ring against whomever he faced. Throughout his career, he has appeared on WWE television in various on-air roles, and a large majority of wrestling fans enjoyed watching him no matter what he was doing in the ring with the WWE. He would be an excellent addition to the WWE executive office. In the past, there have been several WWE superstars eho have continued to work with the company behind the scenes after they have retired, whether it was in television production, talent scouting, creative writing, etc. Why should Shawn Michaels be in WWE upper management? There are numerous answers to this question. Michaels was an excellent worker in the ring and could work with almost anyone. He could use his talents that he showcased in the ring and apply them to becoming a talent scout for the WWE. Michaels would have an excellent eye for bringing in new faces from other professional wrestling promotions or the WWE’s own developmental territories. Talent scouting is a position that the WWE could benefit from having more of, and this could be one of many positions that Michaels could fill. In addition to his phenomenal in-ring work, Michaels is one of the greatest talkers on the microphone in professional wrestling. He would be perfect in developing a young up-and-comer and honing his or her ability to cut promos in the ring. Michaels was always known for having style and flair both in and out of the ring. He could take an ordinary professional wrestler and make them an overnight sensation in the WWE. Michaels could work in the creative side of the WWE as well. He always had a sharp mind for the booking aspects of pro wrestling, and he could write some cutting-edge storylines that would get over with hardcore wrestling fans of any age. The creative process of the WWE, while it is very challenging and has its place, does have its issues in terms of writing storylines that make sense for the average wrestling fan. Michaels' vast experience in professional wrestling would be a great asset. Professional wrestling, more specifically the WWE, does not utilize the concept of the manager much these days. Michaels could become a manager for a WWE superstar and really help get him or her over with the fans. He could be the mouthpiece if need be or draw massive heat from the fans during their matches. Michaels would be a great manager, and he would no doubt be in the esteemed company of such iconic managers as Bobby Heenan, Lou Albano, The Grand Wizard and others. If Shawn Michaels came back to the WWE full-time as an executive, no matter what position, he would be willing to work and he would be a valued and welcomed addition. He would shape the WWE and help it grow for years to come by using his skills and his love for professional wrestling to better what goes on behind the curtain.

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