• By Anthony Cox, Kayfabe Kickout Senior Columnist

Let's Get This Show On The Road!

A couple of weeks ago TNA Wrestling owner Dixie Carter announced that Impact was going to start going on the road to do their episodes each and every week. Like everyone else, I can be very critical of TNA at times; whether it be their poor booking decisions, their illogical story-lines, or the fact that they feel that it is still a good idea for Hulk Hogan to be at the center of a pro wrestling show in the year 2013. Putting all of that aside, I have always felt that TNA has one of the best rosters of athletes in pro wrestling ,even better than the roster that WWE has. When I watched Impact this past week which happened to be taped in the UK, I didn't seen the usual suspects in the crowd at the Impact Zone, but instead I saw a group of anxious, loud, and excited fans on my television who truly seemed to be enjoying themselves and the show itself. It was a nice change of pace from the usual group of clowns that hang out at the Impact Zone every week. With TNA taking Impact on the road, this is a good way for them to start to finally find out who is really over and who isn't. They won't be performing in front of the same folks all the time anymore, they will be seeing fresh faces every other week from here on out. This is an important step in their progress as a national wrestling promotion. I don't expect them to wrestle in front of crowds of 20,000 fans at all, but I do expect them to be able to draw between 5,000 to 10,000 fans paid. As long as they don't bite off more than they can chew, and they use venues with a capacity around those levels, TNA will be just fine. The goal will be to make sure the shows look packed every week because if they find themselves wrestling in front of fans dressed like chairs, then this whole thing will be a complete and utter failure causing them to look even more minor league than they have in the past. Taking the show on the road along with lowering the amount of Pay Per Views are both very excellent moves for TNA Wrestling. One moves allows for feuds to have a longer build up between big shows while the other is allowing them to see how they do in different parts of the country in different markets. These moves are big in TNA establishing themselves as a true alternative to the WWE. The most important thing for them to do is to not even pay attention to what Vince McMahon and WWE is doing. They should continue to work on carving out their own fanbase and establishing their own identity. If they do this well enough, then some of those same WWE fans who won't watch TNA may eventually jump on board. And this could also be the thing that brings back some of those old WCW fans who stopped watching wrestling because they didn't like what WWE presented after WCW closed its doors forever. This was a large group of fans that left, and those same fans may now have their reason to come back to the world of professional wrestling. The more fans watching pro wrestling on national television in some form, the better. In closing, I know a lot of you are critical of the TNA product. But I also know that a lot of you who make fun of it (even me) wouldn't want to see it close its doors. I feel that if there is enough room in those World for another fast food restaurant outside of McDonalds, and there is enough room out there for people to drink other colas outside of of Pepsi, then we should make room for another national wrestling promotion in the US. And we should all support the fact that TNA is trying to expand their product outside of a soundstage in Florida. Let's forget about all the things they are going wrong, and let's take this moment to look at what they are doing right. I am hearing that their tickets sales for the show debut show on the road are going quite well. Let's hope that this is a sign of things to come. As always comments are welcome. You can email me at invidwarriorz@gmail.com, leave a message in the comments section here, or you can follow me on twitter @whosantcox. I will do my best to reply to anyone and everyone.

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