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Interview With Bacardi, TAW Women's Champion & Current Bellatrix Superstar

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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome back to another stupendous interview here on *Kayfabe Kickout. For this interview I had the pleasure to speak with UK Indy Wrestler Bacardi, who is the current, and first ever Total Action Wrestling Women's Champion. Bacardi has been working the UK Indy scene for a solid decade, and in that time she had the opportunity to wrestle for some fantastic promotions in the USA as well as Europe, such as; NWA UK Hammerlock, Phoenix Pro Wrestling, Deutsche Wrestling Allianz and Florida Underground Wrestling. Even though Bacardi was born in the United States, she personifies British Pro Wrestling through and through, in both her wrestling style and her attitude. During her decade in professional wrestling Bacardi has locked up with some of the top women's wrestlers in the world the likes of; LuFisto, Chrissy Valentine, Kyra The Amazon and so many more. Bacardi is set to face Violet O'Hara at Bellatrix's debut event on March 24th on iPPV, and there is no doubt that she will bring her "A" game to the ring to face O'Hara. I spoke with Bacardi on what it was like to wrestle for NWA UK Hammerlock, her thoughts on being the TAW Women's Champion, her wrestling style and more. Richard: For wrestling fans who might not know what you are involved with in the world of professional wrestling, can you just give us an update on what's going on in the busy schedule of Bacardi? Bacardi: Busy schedule is correct!! I currently train weekly at the London School of Lucha Libre, and I am the current - and first - TAW Women's champion. I wrestle for TAW in the Dunstable/Milkton Keynes area, and I can be found as a bit of a regular on the shows. I am set to make my debut for two companies in the very near future. The first being NBWA in Banbury and the second, Bellatrix 5 in Norwich, where I am set to take on Violet O'Hara. Richard: Over the last 25 years or so Women's Professional Wrestling has changed dramatically in terms of how it's presented, in your opinion do you think it's better today, or has the change hurt the product overall? Bacardi: Women's wrestling will never be what it was 25 years ago, or even 5 years ago. The product has changed with the times, as many things do. Some of the changes are good, some are bad, but this is all dependent on one persons perspective on wrestling as a whole. All I can do as a female wrestler is to work my ass off to make sure that women's wrestling gets the respect it truly deserves. Richard: Bellatrix 5 on March 24th on iPPV you are set to face Violet O'Hara, and she commented that she's stepping up and she wont hold anything back. Do you think you have what it takes to defeat her? Bacardi: I know I have what it takes to defeat Violet. I have taken down opponents much bigger than her! She poses no threat to me whatsoever, no matter what she tries to bring to the match.

Richard: You were born in the United States, can you give wrestling fans a brief history on how you ended up across the pond to wrestle in England? Bacardi: In a nutshell, my Mother is British, she came home to the UK and took me with her. Richard: Do you think Women's Professional Wrestlers in North America can benefit to be schooled in the aspects of British Pro Wrestling? Bacardi: I think all wrestlers, male or female, in any country could always benefit from being school in different aspects of wrestling. This is not the kind of sport where you learn something and it stays that way forever. This is a sport that is constantly changing, and if you are the same as everyone else in every way, no one is going to even notice you are there. We all bring something different to this sport, and that is partly what makes wrestling as brilliant as it is. Richard: Bellatrix is headed by iconic British Women's Wrestler Saraya Knight, can you share your thoughts on what it's like working under a legend such as Saraya? Bacardi: It is an honor to work under Sweet Saraya, as well a daunting task. She is a legend in womens wrestling, and to prove to her what I can do, is a great feat on it's own. She knows great wrestlers and great wrestling, so I really have to step up my game for this one! Richard: In your brief time as a professional wrestler you had the opportunity to wrestle for the NWA United Kingdom Women's Championship, can you share your thoughts on what it was like to compete for a pro wrestling organization as storied and prestigious as the NWA? Bacardi: I don't think 10 years could be considered brief! I felt very honored to be a part of such an organization as the NWA and I hope to soon appear on a show for them again. I felt like I was almost taking part in wrestling history, and just to have my name mentioned under the same company that so many greats have wrestled for is a great honor. Richard: You are the current reigning Total Action Wrestling Women's Champion, do you envision yourself having a lengthy career with TAW? or do you plan to compete for other promotions? Bacardi: I have been part of TAW for 6 years now, and as their first ever women's champion, I consider them to be my current "home" promotion, so to speak. I do hope to be there for many years to come, but you can never know what the future holds. I have never been a one promotion girl, and I do not see this changing just yet. I will continue to kick ass at TAW and everywhere else that is needed. Richard: What female wrestler either past or present would you most love to work with in the ring? Bacardi: I always wanted to work with Pippa L'Vinn and Sweet Saraya. I have fulfilled my dream of a match with Pippa, and I still dream to one day have a match against Saraya. She is a true inspiration and a total legend in wrestling. I cannot wait to watch her match with Destiny at Bellatrix 5. Richard: When was the exact moment when you decided you wanted to be a professional wrestler? Bacardi: I don't think I can pinpoint an exact moment, it just has been something I wanted to do for a long time, ever since I was young, and now I am getting to do what I wanted to do, and I am loving it. It has not been easy work though! Richard: In terms of your wrestling style which women's professional wrestler would you compare yourself to? Bacardi: I only compare myself to me. My style is mine, and I have been trained and crafted that way. Each one of us female wrestlers has our own style, that is what makes us amazing. We may have similarities with other female wrestlers, past or present, but this does not mean we are trying imitate their style in any way. Richard: Who was the number one women's pro wrestler who inspired you to get into the business, if you had one that is? Bacardi: I was actually more inspired by the Hardy Boyz when I was growing up. Richard: Which of any of the big three pro wrestling promotions would be your number one choice to work for, if given the opportunity; WWE, TNA, or ROH? Bacardi: I wouldn't be able to just pick one right now, that is the kind of decision that would take some thought and is very circumstantial. I aim to get to WWE, and I am aiming to follow in the footsteps of Britney Knight (Paige in NXT) and head on over to the WWE developmental ground to build my way up to the main roster. But until then, I wouldn't say a straight out no to any other offers. Fans can follow Bacardi on Twitter @BacardiWrestler, her Official Facebook Page, her Official Website and check out Bellatrix 5 on iPPV to see Bacardi face off against Violet O'Hara. For wrestling fans across the pond in the United Kingdom, you can see Bacardi defend her TAW Women's Championship with pride at a Total Action Wrestling Show. I want to personally thank TAW Women's Champion Bacardi for taking the time to speak with me here on *Kayfabe Kickout.

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