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Interview With Queen Maya, RQW European Women's Champion & Current Bellatrix Superstar

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Welcome back wrestling fans to yet another fantastic interview here on *Kayfabe Kickout, and one in our continuing series of interviews with the stars of Bellatrix, Saraya Knight's new Women's Promotion. In this interview I had the pleasure to speak with Italian sensation Queen Maya, who is also the current reigning RQW (Real Quality Wrestling) European Women's Champion. Maya is a seasoned women's wrestler who has been involved in the business since 2001, and since then she has wrestled for some of the top promotions in the UK and Europe such as; Pro Wrestling EVE, Italian Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Syndicate and many others. ​Maya's impressive stature of 6'3 is a rarity in women's professional wrestling, and many female wrestlers find it extremely challenging locking up with Maya, which she uses to a definite advantage. Maya is set to face Liberty at Bellatrix 5 on iPPV and it will be a true "David vs. Goliath" match-up, as Liberty stands at 5'6, so she will have an uphill battle and will no doubt have to use a strong ground base of moves to try and topple Maya. I spoke with Maya on pro wrestling's popularity in Italy, her height advantage in the ring, what female wrestler she would have loved to lock up with and more. Richard: For wrestling fans who might not know what you are involved with in the world of professional wrestling, can you just give us an update on what's going on in the busy schedule of Queen Maya? Maya: I broke my arm on November 9 at Bellatrix 4 and from that moment on, my goal has been to get back to the ring as soon as I could. It turned out it would take I bit more than I expected though! My radius bone was split in twain pretty badly and I had to have surgery and a huge metal plate inserted. There was no way I could stay away from wrestling too long though, and on November 25 I was already back training. I rehabbed like crazy and the last month has been especially busy for me. I now feel I'm back 100% and I will have my first match next Saturday in France. Richard: Is professional wrestling popular in Italy? Maya: It used to be very popular, especially in 2005. Its popularity took a blow when Eddie Guerrero died in November of that year, as he was the favorite wrestler of most Italian fans. Then when the Benoit tragedy happened in 2007, wrestling was even taken off the air by some dim-witted TV executives. Wrestling has struggled to get its popularity back ever since, but things are now looking better, with WWE programming finally back on national TV since last year, and attendance increasing at live events. My home company of ICW (Italian Championship Wrestling) is doing really well and it's attracting competitors from all over Europe. Richard: You stand at an impressive 6'3, is your height an advantage in the ring? Maya: It definitely helps me stand out as I'm sometimes even taller than men. I definitely use it to my advantage as I get extra leverage on everything I do. Some fans tend to associate tallness with clumsiness, but that's a preconception I want to change. I train a lot to improve my agility and quickness and my opponents will find out I'm not just a tall competitor, but a quick one at that. Richard: You are the current reigning RQW (Real Quality Wrestling) European Women's Champion, which you have held the championship for an impressive 476 days, will this be the pinnacle of your career, or do you think you will hold more titles in pro wrestling? Maya: When I defend the title on March 24th at the Bellatrix 5 iPPV, it will be my 491st day as champion. I fully intend on breaking the 500-day landmark, and Liberty is unlucky enough to stand in my way. The RQW European Ladies' Championship is a belt I wear with pride and I've defended it all over the Old Continent representing Bellatrix, from Italy to Finland, from France to Switzerland, and of course the UK. However, the Queen is always looking to expand her realm, and this is just the beginning. My sights are set on every major championship in women's wrestling today, and I will not stop until the whole world of wrestling is brought under the dominance of Queen Maya. Richard: At Bellatrix 5 on March 24th on iPPV you face Liberty and your RQW Championship will be on the line, what do you think of your opponent and do you think it will be a challenge for you to defeat her? Maya: The real challenge will be for Liberty to survive that match without broken bones herself! The Queen is coming for revenge, as it was against her that I broke my arm. Liberty is a formidable opponent and I will not make the mistake of taking her lightly ever again. But all it's going to take is one single shot with my Royal Forearm of Steel and it's going to be lights out for Liberty. Doctors have given me clearance to compete with the metal plate, so it's going to be perfectly legal! The most delightful thing is, the world will be able to watch the Queen of Europe exact her revenge.

Richard: Over the last 25 years or so Women's Professional Wrestling has changed dramatically in terms of how it's presented, in your opinion do you think it's better today, or has the change hurt the product overall? Maya: Women's pro wrestling is very different in WWE right now than it used to be when workers like Molly Holly, Victoria, Lita, Trish Stratus, Jacqueline and Ivory were around. Women's matches were more physical back then and the girls were allowed more time to shine. However, I have no doubts things are about to change. Paige is there now, and aside from her striking beauty, she's a wrestler's wrestler too, and the most popular NXT talent already. I see more and more time given to the women's division once Paige is called up to the main roster and starts to leave her mark. Plus, they have Sara Del Rey training future Divas now, and that can only be seen as a sign of things to come. The women's indy wrestling scene has never been so thriving, full of great companies and awesome talent, and WWE has undoubtedly started to take notice. Richard: What are your goals for the future in terms of your career in professional wrestling? Maya: I intend to do everything I can to help Bellatrix become the top women's wrestling company in the world. The company has given me an opportunity to showcase what I can do and I will be forever grateful to Saraya Knight for that. Also, a long standing dream and goal of mine has always been to compete in Japan one day, and I hope to accomplish that as well. I am a unique talent with uncommon height, passion and desire, and if a broken arm like this can't stop me, I know the sky's the limit for Queen Maya. Richard: Bellatrix is headed by iconic British Women's Wrestler Saraya Knight, can you share your thoughts on what it's like working under a legend such as Saraya? Maya: Saraya to me was a legend even before winning the Shimmer World Championship. Her wrestling knowledge alone can bring any girl willing to learn from her very far. Just look at her daughter Paige: you can see a lot of her mother in her style and the way she carries herself in the ring. Saraya knows how to hold a crowd in the palm of her hand, and is a technical wizard to boot. She's the standard bearer for women's wrestling today, is the hardest working female competitor I know, and she demands no less from her girls. She pours her heart out for us, and we're willing to do the same for her. A revolution has started in the world of women's wrestling, and it all took off from Norwich, UK. This is like the new Hart Dungeon for female wrestlers, and now fans will be able to see the difference from other companies when they buy Bellatrix 5, an iPPV all made up of the best of Saraya Knight's girls. Richard: Which of any of the big three pro wrestling promotions would be your number one choice to work for, if given the opportunity; WWE, TNA, or ROH? Maya: WWE is the obvious choice for any wrestler in the world. It'd be a dream come true, but I'd be open to any and all opportunities. In the meantime, I'd love to keep working all around Europe and keep getting better by facing the top talents on the circuit. Richard: What female wrestler either past or present would you most love to work with in the ring? Maya: I've already had one of my dream matches when I got to wrestle Saraya Knight for 3 times last year, just after she won the Shimmer World Title. One of those matches took place in my native Lodi, Italy, and has to be to this date one of my hardest battles. There's a lot of other dream opponents I'd like to have. I'd really like to test my style against some of the top Joshi talent, like Ayako Hamada, Manami Toyota, Kana or Meiko Satomura. And face Sumie Sakai again, as she is an outstanding competitor who bested me in my U.S. debut last year. On the North American side, I'd love to have a few more battles with Allison Danger, whom I faced in 2008 when I was still very green. She inspired me to get to the next level, and I'd love to show her how I've improved. Other talents I'd really like to work with are LuFisto, Mercedes Martinez, and Tara. From the WWE, I hope to one day get the chance to work with Paige, and with Natalya. Richard: Does your above average height make it hard for you to find a date? Maya: That used to be a factor, but I'm now happily married! Richard: How can fans follow your progress in your career? Maya: If you want to keep up with what's happening in Queen Maya's realm, head over to my Facebook and Twitter pages. Also, make sure you order Bellatrix 5 on iPPV on March 24th, and if you live in the UK, then by all means buy a ticket and come see us live. It's going to be a night of 100% action with the beautiful Female Warriors of Bellatrix, the top women's wrestling company in Europe. And Liberty, I'm coming for you. God save you from the Queen! There is no need to repeat what Queen Maya just said on how wrestling fans can follow her progress, so to close I want to personally thank RQW European Women's Champion and Bellatrix Superstar Queen Maya for taking the time to speak with me here on *Kayfabe Kickout.

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