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Interview With Destiny, Current Bellatrix Superstar

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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome back to another fabulous interview here on *Kayfabe Kickout, and another in our continuing series of interviews with the hard hitting girls of Saraya Knight's new women's promotion Bellatrix. ​For this interview I had the pleasure to speak with Destiny, who is set to face Saraya Knight for the prestigious SHIMMER Championship at Bellatrix 5 on iPPV March 24th. Destiny has been involved in professional wrestling for over a decade, and she has wrestled for a veritable "who's who" of promotions in the UK and Europe such as; Pro Wrestling EVE, Premier Promotions, Real Quality Wrestling and many others. Destiny was one of a very small list of women's pro wrestlers to have held the WAWW British Championship for as long as she held it, an extremely impressive 583 days. But now she has her sights on the prestigious SHIMMER Championship on March 24th, and she will no doubt have a fight on her hands against the seasoned veteran Saraya Knight. I spoke with Destiny on what its like working with a legend such as Saraya Knight, her thoughts on winning the WAWW Queen of the Ring Tournament in September 2012, the product of women's wrestling in 2013 and more. Richard: For wrestling fans who might not know what you are involved with in the world of professional wrestling, can you just give us an update on what's going on in the busy schedule of Destiny? Destiny: Well first off if you don't know who i am why the hell not!!! I am the queen of the ring after all, i work at Bellatrix's and have been wrestling 10+ years for WAW. Richard: You are a former WAWW British Champion, and your reign was an outstanding 583 days, will this be the pinnacle of your career, or do you think you will hold more titles in pro wrestling? Destiny: Yes i did hold BOTH the WAWW British and WORLD lady's belts!!! and like you said i held them for 583 days i think that's more then something to be proud of plus i never lost them i had to vacate them!!! so yes i do believe there is more titles that I'm more than capable of winning in the future. Richard: At Bellatrix 5 you are set to face an icon in British Pro Wrestling; Saraya Knight for the prestigious SHIMMER Championship, which has never been defended on foreign soil. Do you think it will be a challenge for you to defeat Saraya on her home turf and under British Pro Wrestling Rules? Destiny: OK so yes shes a tough one to get in the ring with and yes she is a amazing wrestler!!! But what everyone has to remember is that I've been here before with Saraya knight under the same rules.. OK not for the SHIMMER belt but for both the WAWW British and World lady titles and i walked out with both belts around my waist!! so I'm going into this match with the same out come in my mind!!!

Richard: Over the last 25 years or so Women's Professional Wrestling has changed dramatically in terms of how it's presented, in your opinion do you think it's better today, or has the change hurt the product overall? Destiny: Women's wrestling has and is going from strength to strength its changed a lot for the better i think women are getting a lot more opportunity's that wasn't once there. Richard: When was the exact moment you wanted to be a professional wrestler? Destiny: I found it on the TV with my brother one afternoon and from that moment i just fell in love with it, and i just knew that i wanted to do it and my dreams of being a police woman went out of the window!! then i was lucky to find there was a wrestling company in my area (WAW) and the rest is history. Richard: Bellatrix is headed by iconic British Women's Wrestler Saraya Knight, can you share your thoughts on what it's like working under a legend such as Saraya? Destiny: Well your in the best hands there is she know what its like to be one of the top female workers in the world and there isn't anything that she can teach you!!! you put in the hard work and she will make sure that you fulfill your dreams. Richard: What are your goals for the future in terms of your career in professional wrestling? Destiny: I would just like to make a name for myself let the world know who i am, of course i would love to work in Japan and America and should i be that lucky i would snap them up with both hands. Richard: What female wrestler either past or present would you most love to work with in the ring? Destiny: Well i would of loved to of got the opportunity to of got work Klondyke Kate she is one of my idols and an amazing worker! and the other is Paige as you all know her i see her go from a child to a teenage sensation, to the lady you all see today and I'm proud of how far she has gone so i would be honored to step foot in the ring with her again! Richard: You had the opportunity to wrestle for Pro Wrestling EVE during your career, can you share your thoughts on what it was like working with one of the top women's promotions in Europe? Destiny: Err it wasn't for me they had one two many monsters or heavy workers, in the end you cant have to many and then some have to leave i knew pretty early on that i would be one that would leave! Richard: In September, 2012 you won the prestigious WAWW Queen of the Ring Tournament, how did you feel having your hand raised after competing against the top women's wrestlers in Europe? Destiny: It felt Great! I mean I beat three women that night!!! Oh and the one I beat in the the final was Sweet Saraya...so go and make your own conclusion about Bellatrix's 5 when yet again its Saraya knight vs. Destiny but this time its for the SHIMMER Title under British rules!! OH and its live on iPPV so you all have no excuse's not to see a new champion be crowned!!! Fans can follow Destiny as she is now on Twitter @Destiny_Bfwuk on her Official Facebook Page and as she said you can check out her match onMarch 24th at Bellatrix 5 against Saraya Knight on iPPV, and we may see a new SHIMMER Champion crowned on British soil. I want to personally thank Bellatrix Superstar Destiny for taking the time to speak with me here on *Kayfabe Kickout.

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