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Interview With Violet O'Hara, Current Bellatrix Superstar

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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome back to another fantastic interview in our continuing series with the ladies of Bellatrix, Saraya Knight's new women's promotion. For this interview I had the immense pleasure to speak with Violet O'Hara. Violet's career in professional wrestling has just started, but it has reached an important turning point. On March 24th at Bellatrix 5 on iPPV Violet will face her toughest opponent; seasoned veteran and current Total Action Wrestling Women's Champion Bacardi. ​This will no doubt be a fantastic match, and we may see a new TAW Women's Champion. Violet may look small, but do not judge a book by its cover, she has the skills and the determination to become the best wrestler that she can be. To be selected by the iconic Saraya Knight is indeed an honor, and Violet is up for the challenges that the Knight Dynasty will throw in front of her. I spoke with Violet on how she got her start in professional wrestling, the benefits of the British style of pro wrestling, who her toughest opponent was thus far in her career and more. Richard: For wrestling fans who might not know what you are involved with in the world of professional wrestling, can you just give us an update on what's going on in the busy schedule of Violet O'Hara? Violet: Hey everybody, quite a busy this month which is fantastic which includes a fatal 4 way for the GWA Women's championship and an upcoming match at Bellatrix 5 that will be live on iPPV which I'm really exited about it amazing for all those involved. I'm just steadily continuing training getting ready to show what I'm capable of and taking everything as it comes. Yes it gets busy at times but I wouldn't have it any other way, I started training in 2011 and going into this year I'm thankful for some of the opportunities that i have been given and don't want them to stop. Richard: Over the last 25 years or so Women's Professional Wrestling has changed dramatically in terms of how it's presented, in your opinion do you think it's better today, or has the change hurt the product overall? Violet: Tough question! it's still changing and evolving. Several years ago some may have still believed its a man's world and women would be only there to be as something to look at not for there talent and they would have to prove that that's not all they are is just eye candy. But I think its definitely changing yes there will still be some who think like that little by little women will start to get the same appreciation as there male counterparts or that's the hope. I think it has helped that the style has changed and changing for the better especially on the independent scene with the likes of Bellatrix, SHIMMER, ProWrestlingEVE, Shine; these women are hard hitting and look amazing. Richard: At Bellatrix 5 on March 24th on iPPV you are set to face Total Action Wrestling Women's Champion Bacardi, do you think you have what it takes to defeat her and become the new TAW Women's Champion? Violet: Yes! March 24th I'm looking forward to it and I'm up for the challenge. I believe I can do it, I'm a not a shrinking violet and I have to keep stepping up and not stepping back, on that night I'm going to give it my all.

Richard: Bellatrix is headed by iconic British Women's Wrestler Saraya Knight, can you share your thoughts on what it's like working under a legend such as Saraya? Violet: Its amazing it truly is she is as you said a legend. She's a great teacher and a phenomenal wrestler just to to watch her work is incredible. She's an inspiration to many of the girls, we can learn a lot from her and she has tons of advice and the fact she sees potential in us is such a great feeling. Richard: How did you get your start in professional wrestling? Violet: I originally wanted to be a stunt double for children, but unfortunately that was sidelined while looking for a job and another avenue i was sent a message from a local promoter and took part in a training session and then I fell in love with it. I currently train with GWA in the north east every week and whenever i can at WAW in Norwich each has own style which is great, since i started and haven't looked back. Richard: When was the exact moment you decided you wanted to become a professional wrestler? Violet: The moment I decided I wanted to be a professional wrestler, after started training for fun but still had the niggling in my head saying; "Can you really do that?" But when someone who inspires you says you can and realized how tall you are, doesn't matter as long as you have passion and the drive to succeed. Richard: Who was the number one women's pro wrestler who inspired you to get into the business, if you had one that is? Violet: Growing up i use to watch the WWE and admired those like Victoria (Tara in TNA), Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, but none of those wrestlers really inspired me to actually get into the business, that honor goes to Sweet Saraya. Richard: What are your long term goals in professional wrestling? Violet: To travel, to learn, to entertain...ideally I would love to wrestle full time and work my way up to the top making a name for myself in the United kingdom and then go on to wrestle in Europe, USA and Japan on the independent scene. I still have a long way to go...given the opportunity the dream would be WWE but who's isn't? Richard: In your opinion what do you think of promotions like the WWE and TNA making women's wrestling more sex appeal rather than actual pro wrestling? Violet: It is frustrating at times I understand why they do it, but there are a lot of talented girls in both companies. It's a shame, if they had a decent storyline that fans can get involved with or lets say more than a 3 minute match that isn't seen as a toilet break, then they could show how talented they can be. However things seem to be improving as those in the developmental stage, have both looks and talent so maybe a change is on the horizon we will just have to wait and see what happens. Richard: Who was your toughest opponent thus far in your career? Violet: This is a tough one, Skarlett or Sweet Saraya?, it has to be against Sweet Saraya, even though I came off worse in my match against Skarlett. The match against the SHIMMER Champion was the toughest match I've had it took all my will to keep kicking out until I physically couldn't any more. Richard: Do you think Women's Professional Wrestlers in North America can benefit to be schooled in the aspects of British Pro Wrestling? Violet: Absolutely! it's such an eye opener. I think its good to be taught a different style and can be used in a way to adapting to your own set style of wrestling or even if you haven't got one, creating one. Anyone thinking about training in the British style should definitely look into it is a great experience to have yes it may not be for everyone but it will certainly help...its good to be different. Fans can become a fan of Violet O'Hara's Official Facebook Page, and be sure to check out Bellatrix 5 only on iPPV, where we could see Violet O'Hara win the biggest match of her career thus far against Bacardi. I want to personally thank Bellatrix Superstar Violet O'Hara for taking the time to speak with me here on *Kayfabe Kickout.

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