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The Top 10 Greatest WWE Tag Teams From The Past 25 Years

Updated: Mar 13

In the last few years, the WWE has shifted focus from tag-team division and have made it a “passing fancy” for most wrestling fans. This is opposed to the 1980's and 1990's, when some main events were in fact tag-team matches. Some of the greatest WWE superstars in history started out in tag-team wrestling, and without it may not have been discovered by their abilities alone. In the past 25 years , there have been hundreds of tag teams that have come and gone, but very few have made their mark. However, many tag teams were extremely successful and the WWE built their foundation around them. Here are the top 10 greatest WWE tag teams from the past 25 years, from No. 10 to No. 1.

10.) The Rock & Sock Connection The Rock and Mankind had a rivalry that was one of the most heated in WWE history, and the thought of them becoming a tag team never even crossed wrestling fans' minds. But when they joined forces on Aug. 30, 1999, and became The Rock 'n' Sock Connection, wrestling fans were enthralled by their ability to wipe the mat with any tag team that crossed their path. They captured the WWE Tag Team Championship on three separate occasions in the three short months that they were a tag team before splitting up in October 1999. The Rock and Mankind had indeed taken lemons, and made lemonade when they formed The Rock 'n' Sock Connection.

9.) The Hardy Boyz Matt and Jeff Hardy proved themselves as one of the most dominant tag teams in WWE history. From 1999 to 2002, the Hardy's captured the WWE Tag-Team Championship on five separate occasions before splitting up in 2002. They added a sixth tag-team championship in 2007, after they reunited the year before. The Hardys were known for their over-the-top moves in the ring, and for their extreme attitudes outside of the ring. The Hardys will always be remembered as one of the most unusual tag teams in WWE history.

8.) The British Bulldogs The British Bulldogs were one of the most popular tag teams in the WWE in the 1980s. The Bulldogs combined power on the part of Davey Boy Smith, and speed on the part of the “Dynamite Kid” Tom Billington. They captured the WWE Tag Team Championship a total of one time, but that was not because of their lack of ability in the ring. In the four years they were a tag team in the WWE, The Bulldogs proved again and again that the British were not to be taken lightly when it came to professional wrestling.

7.) The Dudley Boyz Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley were known by wrestling fans for their hardcore wrestling style in ECW. When The Dudley Boyz came to the WWE in 1999, that did not change in the slightest. The Dudley Boyz captured the WWE Tag Team Championship on nine separate occasions, and with the help of the “Duchess of Dudleyville” Stacey Keibler, the Dudley Boyz became instant fan favorites in the WWE. D-Von and Bubby Ray brought the tables match, a stable of ECW to the WWE and made it a popular match that is still used today. The Dudley Boyz brutalized their opponents in the ring, and when Bubba Ray uttered his catchphrase; “D-Von...Get the Tables!”, wrestling fans knew that The Dudley Boyz's opponents were going to be just another statistic in their path of destruction.

6.) E&C (Edge & Christian) When Edge and Christian were singles competitors, they attained massive success in the WWE. But when they combined to form E&C, there were very few tag teams that could compete with the combined abilities and comedic talent that Edge & Christian brought to the ring. They captured the WWE Tag Team Championship on seven separate occasions. E&C, in addition to their skills in the ring, brought a new level of comedic antics to the ring as well. Their “five-second pose” before their matches always received a huge pop from the fans. They always surprised the fans with their outlandish costumes that poked fun at various celebrities like Elvis Presley, and made fun of other tag-teams like The Hardy Boyz. E&C changed the face of tag-team wrestling and gave the wrestling fans some much needed levity.

5.) Demolition When Demolition debuted in the WWE in 1987, they brought a whole new look, and a whole new level of brutality to the tag-team division. Ax and Smash rolled over every tag team that stood in their way to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship on three separate occasions. Under the tutelage of their manager, Mr. Fuji, Demolition were a force to be reckoned with in the WWE. Demolition definitely made leather cool again, with their trademark studded black leather outfits and black leather hockey masks. When Demolition's opponents heard their entrance music hit, they knew they were in for the fight of their lives.

4.) The Rockers

Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty weren't the most powerful, or the biggest tag team in the WWE. But what they lacked in size and power, they made up for in speed and determination. The Rockers defeated their opponents using their quick wit and razor-sharp wrestling ability.

Although the WWE does not recognize their WWE Tag Team Championship win over The Hart Foundation on Oct. 30, 1990, due to a mechanical malfunction in the ring, many wrestling fans do give credit where credit is due. They did defeat The Hart Foundation for the tag-team titles, despite the backstage politics involved. The Rockers had a style and flair, that very few tag-teams today are able to mimic, and will always be remembered as a phenomenal team to watch.

3.) The Legion Of Doom Hawk and Animal were one of the most unusual and dominant tag teams in WWE history. They combined power and brutality and their opponents unfortunately fell victim to it every time LOD stepped into the ring. They captured the WWE Tag Team Championship on two separate occasions. LOD were a massive hit with the fans the minute they stepped into the WWE, and when LOD's Entrance Theme with Hawk's opening trademark phrase “Ohhhh What a Rush!” hit, fans instantly popped every time they stepped out from behind the curtain. The Legion of Doom will always be one of the most popular and greatest tag-teams in WWE history.

2.) The Hart Foundation Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart were the perfect combination of technical ability and raw power. The Hart Foundation, managed by the “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, were a formidable team to try and topple. They captured the WWE Tag Team Championship on two separate occasions. Bret Hart brought his spectacular in-ring abilities and technical knowledge to every match, while Jim Neidhart brought his strength and his ability to brutalize his opponents to the ring. Neidhart was the mouthpiece for the team, his promos were intense and he made it known to their opponents that The Hart Foundation was not to be taken lightly. Hart and Neidhart together were a feared tag-team, and “The Pink and Black Attack” collected their share of fallen opponents in the WWE. And now, the No. 1 Greatest WWE Tag-Team from the past 25 years...

1.) The New Age Outlaws The New Age Outlaws were one of the most charismatic and unique tag teams in WWE history. The “Road Dogg” Jesse James and “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn became overnight sensations when they joined Degeneration-X, and banded together to create The New Age Outlaws. They captured the WWE Tag Team Championship on five separate occasions, so they were more than accustomed to championship gold. Wrestling fans hit the roof every time the Outlaws stepped into the ring. Jesse James was the man who cut the promos, Billy Gunn was the man who kicked ass in the ring which made for a great tag-team combination. When fans heard their entrance theme, starting with James's trademark phrase; “OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW?...”they would be on their seats, and the ovation they gave to the Outlaws was nothing short of fantastic. They worked amazingly well together in the ring, and rarely missed a beat. The New Age Outlaws were indeed one of the building blocks of the WWE's most successful period known as The Attitude Era, and an were an iconic tag-team in the WWE.

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