• By Anthony Cox, Kayfabe Kickout Senior Columnist

Mark-rage! WrestleMania Edition!

There’s just no satisfying some of you wrestling fans out there! I have seen some of the goofiest comments in regards to WrestleMania XXIX. I have seen people saying this was the “worst WrestleMania ever”, others who are actually planning to boycott the WWE product (again, I know), and even some folks who decided to completely shit on the whole damn card. I will say that while this wasn’t exactly WrestleMania 14 by any stretch of the imagination, it also wasn’t some complete shit hole like WrestleMania IX or XI either. What I really don’t understand is why people are getting upset over an event where we basically knew what the outcomes were going to be? I knew John Cena was going to win the WWE Title at WrestleMania 29 since July of last year after the Rock announced he was getting a shot at the WWE Title at the WWE Royal Rumble. Rock won last year and Cena won this year. WWE likes to have guys trade wins, and this just means that there is a chance that we will see Rock-Cena III at WrestleMania 30. WWE is going back to status quo by having John Cena as WWE Champion once again. You know what? Who honestly gives a shit? While I am one of those guys who scream “Cena Sucks” and not a big fan of Cena at all, it’s not really that bad that he regained the WWE Title. It’s status quo for now, but it’s not like he’s going to keep the belt forever. They are just doing what was best for business. Rock gotta go make movies, and Cena will be at work tomorrow. They are going the right thing. I also want to comment on all of the marks out there who said that the match between The Undertaker and CM Punk was going to suck. You all now have the right to blow it out your ass! That match ended up being the best match on the show. I knew all along that those two were going to give us a great match. While it was a given that the Undertaker was going to make it to 21-0, that doesn’t take away from the fact that Punk allowed me to suspend my imagination for a bit! The only people I saw whining about the quality of the match were those people out there who are upset that their buddy CM Punk didn’t win the match. Just because it’s not the result that you want doesn’t mean it wasn’t still a good match between the two. This loss will do nothing to hurt his career either in the short run or the long run! Had Punk won, you would have had a lot of people complaining about the streak ending at his hands. In the end WWE gave the fans what they wanted while the marks will keep marking, ya feel me? I want to know how long these WWE boycotts last. I know one guy who stopped watching when Punk lost the title to the Rock and by the time WrestleMania was around the corner he was watching once again probably because everyone else was! It might have been sooner. These sabbaticals over the results of predetermined fights baffle me! While you might not watch Raw, you will probably sit there in front of your computer reading the results as they go down, looking on Twitter and Facebook to see who else is talking about how “crappy” the show is or to find out when CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler are coming to the ring either to wrestle or to do a promo! You will very well still keep track of what is going on because you will want to be able to talk about it with the friends you have that made the correct decision to just shut up and actually see what happens next. The wrestling future is seldom as bleak as you expect it to be simply because your favorite wrestler isn’t at the top of the card. Chances are this is your 7th or 8th boycott since you started watching wrestling. The Internet Wrestling Community has revolving doors, they will keep spinning as you walk back in! The road to WrestleMania XXX beings tomorrow at 8PM Eastern Time, so will you hop in with the rest of us so that we can get rolling? WrestleMania XXIX was average at best, but I really want some of you to go out there and find a VHS copy or even a DVD of the WrestleManias I mentioned earlier, then trying to say that Wrestlemania XXIX was worse than those! If you thought that we just witnessed the worst WrestleMania ever, then you must not have started watching wrestling until the late 90s. WrestleMania XXIX was far from the best Mania but also very far from the worst. How would you feel if the main event for WrestleMania would have been Michael Strahan vs The Big Show? As always, you can follow me on Twitter @whosantcox and you can email me at invidwarriorz@gmail.com! See ya next time, wrestling fans!

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