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WWE & TNA Crossover: How It Can Help The Divas Division

Recently in an interview, TNA President Dixie Carter stated how she would love for TNA to do a crossover with WWE. While some fans have disagreed with the idea, stating that the two companies should stay far away from each other for multiple reasons, one aspect of WWE could possibly benefit from a crossover with TNA. That aspect is the WWE Divas Division. Within the past few years, fans have seen many potential Divas signing with WWE including Paige, Emma, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and others. Due to this, many fans had high hopes for the Division, thinking that WWE was interested in building up their Divas Division and putting more interest into the Division as a whole. However, with none of the more recently hired NXT Divas debuting yet on to the main roster, apart from Summer Rae, fans are beginning to wonder if WWE will ever do anything to focus on their Divas Division more again. The main roster of Divas is already small and really could benefit from calling up some of the NXT ladies to the main roster but with the releases of recent potential Divas such as Skyler Moon, Anya and Audrey Marie, fans are starting to doubt WWE caring about the Divas Division at all. Granted, some of the NXT ladies aren’t ready to be called up to the main roster yet, which is why bringing in the TNA Knockouts for a crossover between WWE and TNA could help the Divas Division greatly. Not only could the TNA Knockouts work with the NXT ladies to help them better prepare for the main roster but they could also work with the WWE Divas on the main roster to help them improve their skills. Perhaps the Divas could even work with the trainers who work with the Knockouts. This may benefit the Divas by helping them improve with their in-ring skills, for the ones who still need a bit of improvement. Remember how within a few short months of actually training in TNA, Knockouts like Christy Hemme and Brooke Tessmacher improved with their in-ring skills? Just imagine what that could be like with the WWE Divas if they consistently worked with TNA trainers and the TNA Knockouts. Another great factor from WWE and TNA doing a crossover is that it could provide some interesting feuds and matches between the WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts. For example, The Bella Twins vs. The Blossom Twins could be an interesting match-up. ODB and Kaitlyn vs. Velvet Sky and Natalya also has good potential. Another match idea that could potentially be interesting would be Lei’D Tapa vs. Tamina or perhaps Tara vs. AJ Lee. As for the NXT Divas, TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell could possibly work well in some way with NXT Divas Emma, Charlotte and Summer Rae. TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix vs. NXT Diva Paige could also be an entertaining match to see. In conclusion, a WWE and TNA crossover may not be a horrible idea entirely. It definitely has the potential to help the Divas Division due to the fact that TNA has been praised quite often in the past for their women’s wrestling. Although a crossover between the two companies is highly unlikely to occur, it could be a possible solution to getting the Divas Division back on top as it used to be during the days where Divas like Trish Stratus, Lita, Ivory, Jacqueline, Molly Holly and Jazz reigned supreme.

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