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Triple H Concussion Story-line: Is It Too soon?

Recently, WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler suffered a concussion that ultimately sidelined him from the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Since then, WWE has been very serious about preventing concussions from happening to their talent, even advising their Superstars and Divas to be extra careful in the ring and avoid their opponent’s heads. But recently on this week’s Raw, we saw the beginning of a story-line where Triple H suffers from a concussion. Fans have begun to wonder if that may just be too soon, given Dolph’s current predicament. Angel Barragan Jr. of Los Angeles California thinks the storyline may indeed be happening too soon. “I like how they did it but after what happened to Dolph Ziggler, it’s too soon but I applaud WWE for taking steps to prevent concussions,” Barragan Jr. said. Sean McCartney of Spokane Valley, Washington agrees with WWE’s decision to take precautionary measures to ensure their talent’s safety. “I’m glad they are taking it more seriously to the point of not rushing Ziggler back,” McCartney said. Barragan Jr. also stated that while the story-lines are scripted, the injuries should be taken seriously. “I know pro wrestling is scripted but people do get hurt,” Barragan Jr. said. Some fans have spoken out on Twitter and wrestling news websites such as WrestleZone, regarding Triple H’s new story-line, stating that they are more concerned with Dolph Ziggler’s real concussion than Triple H’s Kayfabe one. While for the story-line, Triple H ignored doctors telling him not to compete, many fans are grateful that WWE did not tell Dolph Ziggler to ignore doctor’s orders. However, some fans feel that this new story-line could be somewhat poking fun at Ziggler’s real life concussion or even at athletes who actually have had their careers ended or lives lost due to concussions. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that WWE has done a story-line that fans thought was done too soon. Some examples that have upset fans in the past was having WWE Superstar CM Punk ridicule WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler for his heart attack, CM Punk mocking WWE Legend Paul Bearer’s death shortly after it happened and former WWE talents Lita and Edge starting an on-screen relationship after their real life affair. Despite some fans thinking it may be too soon for this story-line with Triple H, others feel it is a good way to address the importance of avoiding concussions in a sport that can be dangerous when something goes wrong. However, with WWE trying to avoid concussions, fans are questioning why WWE is still allowing their athletes to use moves that have been known to cause concussions such as Randy Orton’s punt kick, which he recently started re-using, despite the move being banned due to the possibility of it causing concussions. He even used it at Extreme Rules, despite WWE advising its talents to avoid opponent’s heads due to the fear of any athletes getting a concussion. When it comes to WWE, the recent story-line and Randy Orton’s banned move being reused, it doesn’t fully seem like they are taking concussion prevention as seriously as they let on. At the same time though, the recent story-line with Triple H can open up a good push for Curtis Axel if they have him boast about being the man who ended Triple H’s career and giving Triple H the opportunity to take some time off from television to potentially focus on doing work solely backstage. Only time will tell how the new story-line will continue to play out, if Orton’s move will get re-banned or if WWE really starts doing more to prevent their WWE Superstars and Divas from the possibilities of getting concussions.

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