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Interview With Kid Kash, Former WWE, ECW & TNA Superstar

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome back to another fantastic interview here on *Kayfabe Kickout. For this interview I had the honor to speak with a superstar who has seen it all and experienced it all in professional wrestling; Kid Kash. Kash has been involved in the professional wrestling business for over 25 years, and has an extremely impressive wrestling resume. Kash started out as a professional fighter in Japan, when he caught the attention of a well known tag team wrestler by the name of Ricky Morton, who was half of one of the greatest tag teams in pro wrestling history; The Rock 'n' Roll Express. Morton brought Kash on the road with him to help him with his training as a professional wrestler, and Kash started his career in pro wrestling working the independent scene, while working as a welder during the day. Kash finally received his big break in the business when he debuted for Paul Heyman's ECW in 1996, and had great success with the promotion, capturing the ECW World Television Championship, and wrestled with the promotion until it folded in 2001. Kash debuted for TNA, after a brief stint in World Championship Wrestling, and became part of the newly formed X-Division. It wasn't long before Kash attained championship gold in TNA, capturing his first X-Division Championship in 2003 and tag team gold, the NWA World Tag Team Championship. In 2005 Kash entered the big leagues of professional wrestling when he was hired by the WWE, and was a major part of the WWE's Cruiserweight Division, and once again he captured gold, by winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Kash switched gears after leaving the WWE in 2006 and worked on the independent scene for several years, until returning to TNA in 2010. Kash made a home in TNA and was an important part of the X-Division, working with the young up-and-comers such as; Austin Aries, Zema Ion, Brian Kendrick and many more. While with TNA, Kash wrestled some of the top stars in the promotion from the likes of; Samoa Joe, Hernandez and Rob Van Dam. In February 2013 Kash and TNA parted ways, but Kash is not shaken in the slightest. He is currently wrestling in the United Kingdom, and has set up a training school for would be pro wrestlers called 'House of Grind,' so this is the next chapter in Kash's impressive career in professional wrestling. I spoke with Kash on the overall state of TNA, smaller wrestlers and how they are perceived in the business, Paul Heyman and so much more. Richard: For wrestling fans who may not be aware with what you've been up to since leaving TNA, can you give us an update on the busy schedule of Kid Kash? Kash: I just finished up a month long tour of the UK and will be going back in September for House of Grind. This isn't your average training school. We're doing a two day try out session on September 7th and 8th. If you survive that, which trust me a lot won't, you'll then be invited to join the school for 6 more months. Intensity doesn't even begin to describe this training. The ones who complete the program will be putting on a live show. This mix of wrestling and MMA training isn't being offered anywhere else in the UK. Richard: During your time with the WWE you held the now defunct Cruiserweight Championship, do you think there's a need for another Cruiserweight Championship and Division in the WWE? Kash: I think there's always a need for a Cruiserweight or Lightweight Division in any company. Richard: You had several stints in ECW under Paul Heyman and there have been several documented stories of Heyman's financial problems with regard to paying his talent, did you have problems receiving payment from him? Kash: Never, Paul paid me everything he owed me right up to the last day. Richard: You've commented in past interviews that titles in pro wrestling are props and do not pay your bills, have you always thought this or were there specific situations that changed your overall views on titles in pro wrestling?

Kash: I've always known that they weren't truly earned other than being a good entertainer. In MMA you truly earn that title physically. In wrestling your contract dictates what you make, so basically your pay is the same whether you hold a title or not. Richard: With your new training facility starting up in the UK I'd like to get your thoughts on pro wrestling in Europe, do you think pro wrestlers in North America could benefit from learning the old school techniques and storytelling aspects of the UK? Kash: Old school is telling a story in the ring. That sort of got lost somewhere. Yeah, there's a lot of folks who could learn a few old school tricks and be a hell of a lot better because of it.... Richard: You've worked for TNA in several occasions, do you agree with most wrestling fans when they compare TNA with WCW in terms of the lack of leadership and older stars still in top positions? Kash: I do. They just keep recycling the same people over and over and and don't push the ones who have actual talent in the locker room. And unless they drastically raise their budget they'll continue on the same path. They don't pay like any other "it" company. ECW paid me twice the amount as TNA ever did and that's the truth. Richard: Staying on the topic of TNA, who was your favorite wrestler to work with in the ring, and who was your least favorite? Kash: I'd say my favorite would be Hernandez. He's extremely talented for a man of his size. Austin Aries would be my least. His arrogance with calling a simple 5 to 10 minute match was ridiculous. Like pulling fucking teeth. Richard: Shift back to your time in ECW, you've partnered and wrestled against Rob Van Dam on several occasions, what are you overall thoughts on RVD as an in-ring competitor? Kash: Extremely athletic and talented. What else can you say about him? Richard: Do you think smaller wrestler's like yourself have received a bad rap with regards to not being as over with fans as larger wrestlers? Kash: I think that in the beginning TNA showed the true talent the smaller guys had which made the show, then somewhere in that 10 years that shifted. As far as talent we have it. With bigger guys there will be one out of 100 who have actual working ability. The thing I do know in this business is if the promoter wants you over to sell seats you will be. That's up to the promoter. Politics is so crazy that if one person in the booking committee doesn't agree, they don't waste time and shit can it. There's no hashing it out or working on it, it's just done. They may bring it up again, but until that one pushes it you'll be that shelf wrestler. Richard: During your time in the WWE were you ever involved in any personal dealings with Vince McMahon? Kash: He was very professional, cordial, nice. Richard: Staying on the topic of the WWE you worked with Jamie Noble extensively, what are your overall thoughts on Jamie? Kash: He's my boy. I'm super happy for him that he's kept a career going and his ideas can go far in the company as an agent. Richard: Who's the number one pro wrestler, either past or present who you would want to wrestle? Kash: Always has been and always will be Dynamite Kid. That will never change. Fans can follow Kash on Twitter @DavidKidKash. I want to personally thank Kid Kash for talking the time to speak with me here on *Kayfabe Kickout.

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