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Kaitlyn's Secret Admirer: A Golden Opportunity Missed By The WWE

Earlier this week on WWE Raw, fans finally discovered who the secret admirer was of Kaitlyn. Sadly, the secret admirer was, as fans expected, WWE Diva and ex- best friend of Kaitlyn, AJ Lee, who is also the number one contender for the Divas Championship, which she will try to acquire on Sunday at WWE Payback. While it makes sense for AJ to be the secret admirer, being as she knows more about Kaitlyn, due to their once close friendship, the reveal of Kaitlyn’s secret admirer was too predictable and really only saved the storyline due to AJ’s promo, getting the fans sympathize with Kaitlyn. While the story-line concept for AJ being the secret admirer being good in the sense that it was about time for AJ to play mind games as the number one contender to the Divas Championship, WWE really had the potential to take this secret admirer story-line much farther, had they chosen someone else to be the secret admirer such as a returning WWE Diva, envious of the Divas Champion’s success. It would have been even more interesting if the returning WWE Diva had been someone like Eve Torres, Kharma, Maria Kanellis, Michelle McCool, Maxine, Melina Perez or Maryse Ouellet. WWE Creative may have been even able to turn this story-line into an interesting push for Rosa Mendes, had they decided to wait the story-line out a little bit, until Rosa’s return from taking time off for personal matters. Another interesting concept for this story-line could have been Layla being revealed as the secret admirer. Earlier in the year, it looked as if Layla would possibly be turning heel and feuding with Kaitlyn. As Layla does play a heel well, particularly during her “Laycool” time, this could have been an interesting opportunity to push Layla again and have the two WWE Divas feud for the prestigious Divas title. A different concept would have been to have either Cameron or Naomi, perhaps both, being the secret admirer, turning them heel and breaking them away from Brodus Clay and Tensai, so the two Divas may have more time to actually wrestle, instead of just being cheerleaders holding pom-poms. With Cameron’s sassy attitude and Naomi’s skills, a feud between them and Kaitlyn could have been entertaining, especially after the two Divas gave Kaitlyn a hard time recently, due to the Divas Champion causing a loss between her and Natalya against the Bella Twins. Another interesting concept would have been Summer Rae being the secret admirer of Kaitlyn’s, due to her recently making her debut on Raw as Fandango’s dancer. It would be interesting to see Summer doing more on Raw than just dancing and this could have been an opportunity for WWE to let her do more on Raw. WWE also had the potential to include a plot twist by having Natalya be revealed as the secret admirer. Fans have been begging WWE to properly push Natalya and with her trying to help Kaitlyn find her secret admirer, it would have been interesting to see her be revealed as the secret admirer, in an attempt to play a cruel joke on Kaitlyn, thus turning Natalya heel and setting up a feud between the two Divas in the future. WWE lost this possibility when they had Kaitlyn receive a text message from her secret admirer while Natalya was next to her. The possibility of Natalya being the secret admirer could also have been more interesting, due to the loss Kaitlyn caused Natalya on her birthday. One other way that WWE could have took this story-line and turned it into something unique was by having an NXT Diva debut like Paige, Emma or Sasha Banks and be revealed as Kaitlyn’s secret admirer. Sasha Banks being revealed as the secret admirer would have been interesting, due to the fact she recently had a secret admirer of her own on NXT, Audrey Marie, that resulted in a feud between the two female wrestlers, before Audrey Marie’s release. WWE also could have taken this opportunity to debut one of their NXT Divas on to the main roster, not only as Kaitlyn’s secret admirer, but also a “Paul Heyman Girl.” Another Diva already on the main roster that could have benefited from being Kaitlyn’s secret admirer and a “Paul Heyman Girl” is Tamina Snuka. It would have been a wonderful way to give Tamina a push and a great way to get her noticed more by fans. Finally, WWE had the opportunity to include one other woman as the secret admirer of Kaitlyn, a female wrestler that fans have been hoping gets to do more with WWE than just being a developmental trainer. If you don’t know who I’m talking about yet, I’m talking about none other than Sara Del Rey. This would have been a great chance to use Sara Del Rey for more than just being a trainer and to actually include her on the main roster, even if only for a little while. With Sara’s knowledge of wrestling, due to her long time on the Indy scene, she could help the main roster Divas and even make occasional appearances and have matches on Raw and SmackDown, all while feuding with the current Divas Champion.

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