• By Ashley Matthew, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Why Wade Barrett Needs To Win MITB

With the recent announcement of the Smackdown participants for the Money In The Bank match, many fans are already making their predictions for the big match but one WWE Superstar in particular, may need the win more than the others. With Wade Barrett recently dropping the Intercontinental Title, often known as a stepping stone to the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships, WWE has yet to show any sort of push or storyline for him. With him winning Money In The Bank, it could give him the push and storyline he needs and deserves. While the other contenders all work hard at what they do and are deserving of their spot in the match, having some of them win it could lead to potential issues. For example, while Dean Ambrose is a great competitor, he already has the US Championship and unless WWE plans on making him drop that title before the big pay-per-view, which is highly unlikely, it would be unfair for Ambrose to win, being that he currently has a championship. As for Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes, both are extremely talented athletes, but if one of them were to win, it could possibly break up Rhodes Scholars. Considering WWE is trying to improve their Tag Team Division, losing a team like Rhodes Scholars could be a wasteful decision, as the two would make amazing Tag Team Champions in the future, should WWE ever decide to give them those titles. When it comes to Fandango, I have to wonder if he will even be medically able to compete by Money In The Bank, as there has been no official word yet of him being 100 percent better from his concussion that he suffered shortly before WWE Payback. If that is the case, WWE shouldn’t rush his return and should let him recover properly, as they did with Dolph Ziggler who also suffered a recent concussion. With WWE being so concussion-concerned, they shouldn’t make matches for WWE Superstars until they can guarantee that particular Superstar will be 100 percent by that time, especially big matches such as these that are very risky for potential injuries. With Jack Swagger’s recent legal issues, it’s more likely for him to get “punished” by WWE, than to see success with this match, as many times in the past, WWE has punished Superstars who have been involved in some kind of trouble through jobbing and lack of on-screen time. The only other contender I could see coming out with this win besides Barrett is Antonio Cesaro, who has been starting to get somewhat of a push, due to his recent alignment with Zeb Coulter. In conclusion, Barrett already has the makings of a champion with his skills, both on the microphone and in the ring plus before his terrible arm injury back on February 20, 2012, Barrett was rumored to be getting a big title shot for WrestleMania. Barrett just needs the right moment to grasp that opportunity to go for the big gold and what better time for WWE to grant him that chance, than with Money In The Bank.

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