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Will Sting Ever Be "ConVinced"?

Just like every year since WCW has closed its doors, the people of the Internet Wrestling Community have been hearing about all of the rumors of Sting getting signed by WWE and getting excited at the prospect of it happening. “Sources” say that WWE is VERY close to getting him this year. As we all know, a couple of years back it looked like Sting was going to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Of course, that never came to fruition. When WWE did their vignette on Raw a couple weeks back showcasing Sting as a former World champion, everyone assumed this was done because he was signing. That is a silly reason to think that, after all, they also showed Hulk Hogan as one of the great former WWE champions but that doesn’t mean he is returning to WWE anytime soon! Give the marks an inch, and they decide to take a mile don’t they? Sting will always get props for being the only wrestler of his generation to get be popular and successful without ever having worked for Vince McMahon. Maybe Vince has been courting Sting all of these years out of thirstiness. Does he want him in WWE just to be able to say that he finally got the last ever hold out under contract? It is definitely possible. I remember back in 2008, Vince McMahon had wanted to induct Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame and do a DVD on his career. He decided not to because Sting was working for TNA which he didn’t know until someone told him. It is a well-known fact that these two men definitely have a lot of respect for one another. I just wonder what it will take for Sting to actually sign a WWE contract. Sting doesn’t need the money and he doesn’t the need the fame, he’s already been a World champion about 14 times. He has had great matches with the likes of Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan who are two of the greatest stars of all time in professional wrestling. Sting has nothing left to prove. But wait! There are some issues going on in TNA right now! Wrestlers are being paid late, and people are being released due to cost cutting measures! Could it be that TNA is hemorrhaging money right now? After all, they got rid of some pretty talented folks in order to keep a gang of over-the-hillers on the payroll. I am sure that if Sting decided to leave TNA to sign with WWE, that it will save the company a bunch of money. After all, he brings nothing to TNA but his name. Their ratings wouldn’t drop one bit without him on the show, just like they don’t go up with him on the show. Under the WWE machine, Sting would be recognized as a legend of pro wrestling and he can truly be looked at as an icon. And I am sure that there would be more hype for his arrival to WWE than he has currently as a member of the TNA roster, look at how WWE is treating the return of Rob Van Dam! If Sting signs with WWE, we can expect him to get the works. WWE owns all of his footage dating back to when he was working for Bill Watts in the Mid South/UWF era, and WWE also owns all of the footage from his days in the NWA/WCW. With Sting being signed to a legends contract or even signs a part-timers deal like so many others have, there will be plenty of cash waiting for him in merchandise sells through DVD’s, action figures in his likeness, and any of stuff that WWE can come up with to ram down our throats. You can also expect him to be inducted into their Hall of Fame, and we can finally see Sting in a WWE ring at Wrestlemania. It will be a mark out moment for sure. It will definitely be one of those things that I never thought would take place, and even I would have to make sure that even I’m not dreaming for this one! Do I think that it will happen? I will say this; I will believe it when I see it. Forget what anyone on any wrestling website or wrestling group says, I would actually have to see Sting walk down the aisle and into a WWE ring. I truly hope that we can see Sting have a chance to ride off into the sunset and get a huge send off just like his friend Ric Flair did. He would deserve it after all of those years that he spent entertaining us. Even if he is brought in to lose to the Undertaker at WrestleMania, it doesn’t mean that they can’t just use him again at the next WrestleMania and have him get his win then. One thing is for sure, the clock is ticking. We don’t know how many more matches the Stinger has left, but we do know that he has always wanted to have a match with The Undertaker. Maybe it won’t be McMahon who convinces him to have his last run be in WWE. Maybe Triple H will have to be the one who makes it happen. After all, he was able to get Bruno Sammartino to finally accept his place in the WWE Hall of Fame, maybe he can get Sting to accept WWE’s offer too! There’s also the possibility that this is all just a bunch of internet rumors with no truth to any talks going on between the two parties, and fans will simply forget about it...until next year when the rumors start again. If you’re like me, than you hope that Sting really is considering WWE and that WWE is considering Sting. As always, you can follow me on Twitter @whosantcox, and I can be reached by email at invidwarriorz@gmail.com. Questions, comments, concerns, thoughts, opinions, I respond to ALL of them! I promise you that! See you next time, wrestling fans!

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