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Dixie, Is The Boat Sinking?

Within the last couple of weeks, we have seen a rash of releases for the people of TNA Wrestling. Matt Morgan, Tara, Joey Ryan, and even Doc from Aces & 8s to name a few were among some of the folks who found themselves on the outs with TNA Wrestling. While there were some who were outright released, there are others who simply decided to leave the company due to a lack of progression such as Matt Morgan. What exactly is going on with TNA? Is it money? The reason I that is being brought up most is budget cuts. Tara was known for being among the highest paid knockouts in the company, and they decided her contract was simply costing them too much while she wasn’t being featured as the top Knockout. The budget cuts may even effect Bruce Pritchard the VP of Talent Relations as he is supposedly on his way out too because he doesn’t want to take a pay cut. One of the biggest surprises for me was seeing Matt Morgan jump off the TNA ship. Here you had a guy who had great upside and pretty good wrestling ability. Someone who was near 7 feet that is actually athletic is a rare breed in the wrestling world because most guys that tall are simply that……tall. When he was in WWE back in the early 2000s, Jim Cornette said that this was a guy who would be headlining Wrestlemania in a few years! WWE saddled him with a stupid stuttering gimmick, and he was out of WWE soon after. During his time with TNA, we watched as he was given a shit ton of start-stop pushes, stole Hulk Hogan’s technicolor dreamcoat, jobbed to an over-the-hill Sting, and then got saddled with Joey Ryan who was another guy that was given the boot from TNA. And no knock on Joey Ryan because I liked him and Matt Morgan, but I didn’t like them together because it just made ZERO sense. Now it looks like Matt Morgan won’t be able to headline a show at a Boy & Girls Club in Wisconsin after TNA chewed him up and spit him out. Will Matt Morgan join WWE sometime soon? Maybe he will and maybe he won’t. I feel that he would be best used over in Japan wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling because they know how to book guys like him. He couldn’t possibly be booked worse than he was during his times wrestling in the top two US companies. I also want someone to explain to my why TNA would allow a member of their “hottest stable” to simply leave? I am talking about Doc from Aces & 8s formerly known as Festus (Luke Gallows) in WWE. When is it ever good to get rid of someone in the middle of your top feud? While some look at him as a WWE reject, I still thought of him as someone who was usable with some decent upside. I also thought that he would be the first to defect from Aces & 8s, and help in the fight against them. I guess that won’t be happening now, and we have another blown storyline within a storyline. I am not even sure that WWE would bring him back at this point, but then again professional wrestling has revolving doors. The biggest thing that I have heard of was the rumor that people were getting paid late. This includes Hulk Hogan not getting paid on time either. Could it be that some of these folks who jumped off the boat were people whose money wasn’t coming out straight? After all, some of the people who are out of TNA are people who voluntarily left. It’s almost as if some of these people felt that they could make more cash taking indie dates or wrestling in other countries than they can in TNA. I want someone to explain to me how you can let Joey Ryan, Christian York, and Matt Morgan go, but you can keep losers like Robbie E., Jesse Godderz, and Rockstar Spud? It makes no sense at all to me at all to me because I don’t see main event potential in any of those clowns. Then you hear about how Sting has been sending feelers out to WWE. This may be a sign that he is seeing the writing on the wall too! Maybe he wants to go ahead and get that lucrative payday. Then there is the possibility that TNA is simply doing budget cuts, and they are simply getting rid of the people who are costing more than they are worth at the moment. Almost all companies go through a time where they have to make budget cuts, and this could be TNA doing the same thing in the end. After all, the contracts for Hogan, Sting, and Kurt Angle are pretty expensive! I truly hope that TNA Wrestling isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Professional wrestling needs a true alternative, competition is always good, and the more jobs out there in mainstream professional wrestling available the better. I have said before that TNA has always had a better roster of athletes than WWE, and I still feel the same way even after the cuts that they had made. So, Mrs. Dixie Carter, this is your boy Anthony who is a fan of your product saying RIGHT THE SHIP!!!!! PLEASE! As always, you can follow me on Twitter @whosantcox, and I can be reached by email at invidwarriorz@gmail.com. Questions, comments, concerns, thoughts, opinions, I respond to ALL of them! I promise you that! See you next time, wrestling fans!

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