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The Bella Twins Discuss Former WWE Stars

On this week’s E! Fashion Police, the Bella Twins stopped by to dish some WWE Diva gossip. The episode was aired on Friday night, where the former Divas Champions discussed the new Divas reality show and elaborated on some juicy details regarding their romantic relationships with fellow WWE Superstars, Daniel Bryan and John Cena. The twins also discussed the beginning of their wrestling careers. The twin Divas also mentioned what makes them different from each other. Nikki stated she is more sassy while her sister, Brie is more organic. When asked about the moves they do in the ring, Nikki mentioned that she has broke her nose a few times while wrestling and also mentioned her current stress fracture injury. Meanwhile, Brie elaborated that they takes the moves hard in the ring. Brie further mentioned that she has wrestled her beau, Daniel Bryan but lost. On the show, the two Divas also played a fashion game, called “Rank The Rumblers” where they had to rate former WWE Diva, Stacy Keibler, former WWE Diva, Chyna and former WWE Superstar, Hollywood Hulk Hogan on their looks. The twins rated Hulk Hogan as the least beautiful. One of the co-hosts of the show, Joan Rivers cited him as arrogant and as the Gwyneth Paltrow of wrestling. Chyna was rated second beautiful by the Bellas. Joan Rivers then proceeded to call Chyna butch. Stacy Keibler was cited the most beautiful by Brie and Nikki, of the three choices they were given. Joan Rivers then commented on the breakup between Stacy Keibler and Hollywood actor, George Clooney, stating that the leggy former Diva did try her best to get an engagement ring, but sadly did not succeed. Joan Rivers then showed a photo-shopped bodybuilding picture of herself where she joked that she was the greatest female wrestler in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, under the name of Joanan The Barbarian. She then thanked Brie and Nikki for being on the show.

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