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WWE Total Divas Review

Going straight into the debut episode of Total Divas, we see an introduction to the Bellas, Natalya and the Funkadactys. We then see the Divas preparing for WrestleMania through working out and in-ring training, showing how hard these girls actually do work. Later, we see Nikki Bella and her boyfriend, John Cena going fishing and recreating the “kiss in the rain” scene from The Notebook, minus the rain. We then get a shot of Brie Bella who stated that she lives in an apartment with her boyfriend, Daniel Bryan. The two are shown walking together, hand in hand when all of a sudden, Nikki Bella drives up in her dream car, a Range Rover, which was a gift given to her from John Cena. We then see The Bellas and Daniel Bryan discussing Nikki’s relationship with Cena. Natalya is then seen talking to Stephanie McMahon backstage before talking to other WWE officials about her not being given the opportunity to wrestle at WrestleMania. Natalya shows her frustrations by stating that it’s unfair for the Bellas to leave for 11 months and be instantly given a WrestleMania match upon their return. Natalya then finds out she will be chaperoning the newbie Divas from WWE Developmental, Eva Marie and JoJo Offerman, which only frustrates her more that she has to babysit and train her replacements, especially after stating earlier in the show that she has never had it easy in the wrestling business, often having lost many opportunities in her wrestling career, despite constantly working hard as a female professional wrestler. We are then introduced to the new Divas and even see footage of the two new girls training. It would seem, in my opinion, that JoJo truly is picking up on the moves better than Eva Marie right now, as Eva Marie stated in a recent WWE interview. WWE officials then tell Eva Marie that she needs to dye her hair blonde. Eva Marie and JoJo Offerman then meet Brie Bella and Natalya. Eventually, we see Cameron with her boyfriend but as soon as he arrives, she has to leave for a WrestleMania Dress Rehearsal. Meanwhile, Natalya is stuck babysitting Cameron’s boyfriend, JoJo Offerman and Eva Marie. Drama stirs between Cameron’s boyfriend and Brodus Clay after he yells to his other team members that they suck. Natalya tries to calm Cameron’s boyfriend, Vincent down after he threatens to fight Brodus Clay. Naomi is then seen riding in the car telling her fiance, Jimmy Uso about the situation. We finally see Nikki Bella meeting JoJo Offerman and Eva Marie at their hotel. Later, we see Naomi and Cameron having lunch together, where Naomi addresses the Brodus Clay and Vincent incident backstage. Eva is shown at the salon, stating that she can’t imagine herself blonde because it doesn’t go with her personality and that it makes her look like the Lion King when she is more like a Latin Firecracker. She then decides to defy WWE officials orders by not going blonde, choosing to go with a fire red look instead. She then has to meet with WWE officials about her hair, who actually like it but warn her that she has to listen to their requests next time. The Bellas see Eva’s new hairstyle and are stunned. Meanwhile, more of Natalya’s frustrations about not having another Diva moment emerge when she has to host a pre-WrestleMania event instead of walking the red carpet and partying with the other Divas. Realizing JoJo Offerman and Eva Marie are their competition, the Bellas decide to show how intimidating they can be by threatening to lock the new Divas up and telling the new Divas to not worry about taking photos since nobody knows who they are yet as well as ordering them to get the twins some more champagne to which Eva Marie uses some profanity to describe Nikki Bella. We later see Nikki and Brie eating and talking together about Nikki’s frustrations in her relationship with John Cena. We also see friction between Naomi and Cameron backstage where Cameron starts mimicking Naomi. Naomi eventually says that she thinks Cameron and Vincent need therapy. Nikki and John are then seen at dinner discussing the possibility of marriage. Cena states that it’s hard for him to commit to that being as he just went through a recent divorce but that Nikki has changed him in positive ways and that is something he loves about her. Nikki then states that she just was feeling frustrated because Daniel Bryan and her sister, Brie are already planning for marriage. We then see the Bellas preparing for WrestleMania and Natalya joining up with Eva Marie and JoJo backstage at WrestleMania. The Bellas can be seen watching Daniel Bryan and Kane’s match with Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. As the Bellas walk down the hallway, Cameron and Naomi are getting upset that their costumes aren’t ready, to which one of the Bellas joke about the Funkadactyls having to go out naked. Cameron gets irate and snaps at the twin Divas. The Funkadactlys get their costumes finished just in time and rush to put them on and get to gorilla position. We then see Natalya, Eva Marie and JoJo get excited because it’s time for the Divas match. After seeing John Cena come out, Natalya goes downstairs to find out when the Divas are coming out, only to discover the four upset ladies had their match cut. Natalya than says she feels sorry for them. Naomi exits the room to cry. Cameron follows her and consoles her. Layla is shown consoling her as well. Naomi said she will try again next year to have the biggest match of her career on the grandest stage of them all. We then see a preview of what we will see in the future episodes of Total Divas including JoJo’s debut on Main Event, Nikki Bella finding out she had suffered a stress fracture, Eva Marie getting a lecture from Stephanie McMahon, Naomi’s frustrations in her relationship with her fiance, an argument between Natalya and her beau, Tyson Kidd and more. From the personal opinion of someone who wants to see the WWE Divas have more success, I would say that the most interesting part of the debut episode was the reaction of the WrestleMania match being cut. As someone who wants to see the Divas get more air time and get more respect and appreciation, it was sad to see these girls work so hard to have their dream crushed. Furthermore, it’s sad to see Natalya not getting as much recognition by WWE, when she could be a great Divas Champion and top representative of the WWE if they gave her another run at the title. One can only hope that with this show, the Divas will get more attention on WWE Raw, SmackDown and the pay-per-views, assuming this show becomes a big success.

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