• By Richard Boudreau, Kayfabe Kickout Lead Editor

Interview With Trina Michaels, Professional Wrestling Manager & DGUSA Superstar

Hello again wrestling fans and welcome back to another stupendous interview here on Kayfabe Kickout. For this interview I had the tremendous pleasure to speak with the sexiest woman in professional wrestling bar none, Trina Michaels. Trina is no stranger to controversy, as she is one of the biggest stars in the adult film industry, where she has starred in over 40 films, and has won numerous awards for her work in the industry. The past few years Trina has become more engrossed in the world of professional wrestling as a valet and as a manager, appearing for numerous independent promotions, specifically for major Indy promotions such as Dragon Gate USA and Full Impact Pro. Trina intends to make a mark in pro wrestling, as she does in the adult film industry. I spoke with Trina about meeting hardcore legend Mick Foley, her thoughts on working for the WWE, why she got into pro wrestling and more. Richard: For some wrestling fans who may not be familiar with your career in professional wrestling, can you give us an update on what's going on in the busy schedule of Trina Michaels? Trina: RIGHT NOW? I'M TAKING OVER FLORIDA ONE PROMOTION AT A TIME. LOL! I'VE BEEN THE SEXY ADDITION ALONG SIDE LARRY DALLAS ON FULL IMPACT PRO AND DRAGON GATE USA. AND OF COURSE, WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS WITH LUKE HAWX. Richard: What was the main reason why you decided that you wanted to get into the business of professional wrestling? Trina: WELL I ALREADY COME FROM THE WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT. WRESTLING JUST SEEMED LIKE THE LOGICAL NEXT STEP. LOL! BUT SERIOUSLY, AS A FAN, I CAN NEVER FORGET THAT FEELING I HAD GOING TO MY FIRST LIVE WWE SHOW. WHEN WRESTLING WAS NEW TO ME AND HAD ME HOOKED. IT WAS SO EXCITING & LARGER THAN LIFE. I WANT PEOPLE TO WALK AWAY FROM ANY SHOW I'M ON, FEELING LIKE THAT. Richard: Along with your career in professional wrestling, you have a very successful career in the adult film industry. Did you ever come across people in pro wrestling who didn't take your seriously because of your involvement in adult films? Trina: EVERY DAY! Richard: Do you have aspirations about working for either the WWE or TNA? Trina: OF COURSE. IF YOU'RE GONNA DREAM, DO IT BIG. Richard: Because you are an adult film star was there ever a situation, or situations where fans tried to get a little too friendly with you? Trina: NONE THAT COME TO MIND. Richard: You've worked for a lot of independent promotions since getting involved in pro wrestling, including Dragon Gate USA. What was it like working for one of the top Indy promotions in DGUSA? Trina: A TRUE HONOR. THERE IS ALWAYS GREAT TALENT ON THE ROSTER. Richard: What do your colleagues in the adult film industry think about your career in professional wrestling, are they supportive? Trina: MY GOOD FRIENDS ARE VERY SUPPORTIVE. I DON'T THINK THE REST OF MY "COLLEAGUES" REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT IT TAKES TO SUCCEED IN PRO WRESTLING. Richard: Do you envision yourself becoming a full time female wrestler or personality and leaving the adult film industry? Trina: I HAVEN'T MADE FILMS IN SEVERAL YEARS. THE INDUSTRY HAS NOTHING TO OFFER ME RIGHT NOW. Richard: Do you think the WWE in 2013 would ever hire you, knowing of your career in the adult film industry? Trina: IF THEY KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR RATINGS, THEY WOULD HIRE ME. "PG" IS SO LAST YEAR. LOL! Richard: Recently you met hardcore legend and former multiple time World Champion Mick Foley, were you a fan of Foley's work in the ring? Trina: HELL YEAH! ANYONE CRAZY ENOUGH TO DO THOSE THINGS GETS MY RESPECT. Richard: Do you have any wacky or strange wrestling fan stories you'd like to share? Trina: HAHA! NEXT QUESTION! Richard: What are your thoughts on the major independent women's promotions like SHIMMER, Shine, etc.? Trina: KEEP DOING YOUR THING LADIES! Richard: Which industry in your opinion has the stranger fans; professional wrestling or the adult film industry? Trina: OH, THEY ARE ONE & THE SAME. LOL! Richard: Do you think professional wrestling in 2013 could benefit from having more managers and valets? Trina: DEFINITELY. IT ADDS A DIFFERENT DYNAMIC TO THE MATCH AND HELPS TELL THE WRESTLER'S STORY. Fans can follow Trina Michaels on Twitter @TrinaMania, and on Facebook. I want to personally thank Trina Michaels for taking the time to speak with me here on Kayfabe Kickout.

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