• By Anthony Cox, Kayfabe Kickout Senior Columnist

Babygirl Gets It!

Last Monday Night on Raw, AJ Lee dropped what will now be known as a “pipe bombshell”. I thought the whole segment was awesome. WWE doesn’t do good Diva segments that often, so I give props to everyone that made the damn thing work especially the star of the whole thing in AJ Lee. As most of you know, WWE has dumped off a good majority of their Divas roster on to the E! Network for their reality (and I use the term loosely) show Total Divas. We get to see how Divas act in their natural habitat while dealing with all of the fame and such that comes with being a WWE Superstar. The show has been getting pretty high ratings for E! while also outdrawing TNA Impact as far as viewership goes once again proving how important the WWE machine is in regards to how it promotes things, who knew right? I have always said that women’s wrestling doesn’t draw, and I will to stick by that. Apologizes to my colleague Ashley Matthew, but it’s just facts. WWE could get rid of the Diva’s Division tomorrow, and I am sure that ratings and buyrates wouldn’t drop one bit that doesn’t mean you can’t at least try to make them interesting. AJ shit on that show, and the Diva’s division as a whole with the words that came from her mouth. The most amazing thing about it is that she spoke like she truly believed what she was saying. That is an important part of the art of a promo that your words truly come from the heart. It wouldn’t have worked as well if it was spoken in that scripted WWE promo voice/ When she ended that tirade saying that those Divas could never “lace up her Chuck Taylors”, I sat there amazed by the whole thing. It was one of the best promos I have seen in WWE this year. AJ has taken the ball and ran with it ever since she started prominently being featured on Raw. She has been involved with all the top talent WWE has in CM Punk, John Cena, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler who are all top guys in WWE and she quickly became the star of the show during her involvement with all of them. She just goes out there and knows what to do; she knows exactly how to play crazy chick. This is coming from a guy who attracts nothing but crazy women. Her words, her facial expressions, and her overall demeanor are all things that I have seen from crazy women that I have dealt with in my own life. She like that chick from the “Overly Obsessed Girlfriend” meme, but that chick could kick your ass and make you tap out to an awesome submission hold. AJ Lee knows how to make guys love her, and most women out there hate her. It appears that her promo is going to bleed over into the Total Diva’s show. The plan is to have AJ Lee’s promo appear on Total Diva as a venue to have one of the stars of the show challenge her for the Diva’s title. This will all work out because even more fans would watch Total Diva’s if AJ herself shows up on the show at any point, and it allows the Raw air time to be used for more important storylines that are going at the moment. Using a scripted reality show to get over a fight on a scripted fighting show, BRILLIANT! For any of those in the minority complaining that the divas aren’t being used enough or not at all, you can finally shut up because they are being used now more than ever. You have your chick storyline while the rest of us can focus on Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and all the other stuff going on when we watch Raw & SmackDown. Plus, we know that regardless of how it all works out that AJ will look hot and act crazy while entertaining us the whole way through. Thank you, AJ Lee, for being a student of this game called wrestling. You get it when so many of your female colleagues don’t. As always, you can follow me on Twitter @whosantcox, and I can be reached by email at invidwarriorz@gmail.com. Enjoy your Labor Day, wrestling fans!

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