• By Dani Mitchell, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Victim To WWE Booking

CM Punk is a victim…of bad booking. What started out strong is slowly becoming a middle of the pack booking. When the Heyman and Punk feud started, I thought for sure it was going finish as fierce as it started but its fading fast. Instead of Punk bringing legitimacy to the IC belt by fighting with Heyman and Curtis Axle, the WWE is losing his direction. He is being thrown into some really random matches. Not long after the battle with Lesnar, the WWE has revealed that Ryback is now a Paul Heyman guy. Yeah, that was random. Ryback went from being some guy backstage doing segments bullying random dudes to now being thrown into the ring once again with the main eventer, CM Punk. In my honest opinion this isn’t helping anyone involved in the matches. Punk’s style of fighting is so different from Ryback that they have absolutely no in-ring chemistry causing their matches to fall flat. This makes Ryback look bad, CM Punk look worse, and Curtis Axle is falling deeper into the background. All the focus on Punk and Ryback has made Curtis Axle seem more like a supporting role instead of a champion. When people talk about the matches, you rarely even hear Axle’s name brought up. Fans are so irritated having to watch the Ryback and Punk feud again, they don’t even notice that Axle is still in the mix. It’s an outrage really. I have really enjoyed the direction they were taking him. When a second generation superstar gets a push, fans get to relate to them, watch them grow, and compare their talent to their famous family. Right now though, no one is getting to see the full potential of Axle, and I want to see WWE step it up and push him to his limits. This past week at Raw, I was there and got to witness crowd reaction first hand. The crowd popped when punk came out but then he was put into a tag team match with R-Truth. I am not downing R-Truth, but he does not belong in this mix. The crowd around was completely frustrated with the match up. It took all the hype out of the match. The crowd wasn’t into it at all. I even received a text message during the match it read, “R-Truth in a relevant story-line makes me sad.” Do you know why someone would feel this way? I do. Punk has worked his trunks off to get to the top, while R-Truth has been playing with Little Jimmy. All this does is confuse fans. I mean last week Punk as randomly attacked by Big E Langston. Why? It was like the WWE is telling everyone “We give up and have no idea where to take this feud now”. We are almost exactly where we started one year ago. Punk vs. Ryback at Hell in a Cell. Brad Maddox is playing a role in it but this time as GM instead of a referee. Punk won the last PPV, Battleground, against Ryback with a cheap shot, just like how he won the HIAC PPV last year. It has come full circle and it was a feud no one wanted to relieve. Hopefully when this match is done and over with, Punk can get his hands on Paul Heyman and we can move on to bigger and better things. In my perfect world, I would like to see CM Punk possibly get involved in the Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton feud. It would give him something to do until the Royal Rumble where I would ultimately like to see Punk win the Rumble and head on to WrestleMania. Who would I like see Punk face at the grandest stage of them all? Daniel Bryan of course. They have quite the history together and let’s face it; their matches keep you on your feet the whole time. Punk and Bryan have a remarkable chemistry together and they need to have another match. This is the feud fans want to see more of. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania; That is what’s best for business.

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