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Sticking His Nose Where It Doesn't Belong

You know what has been bugging me for the past couple months when I have been watching WWE programming? The fact that Triple H seems to have himself involved in every major story-line that is going on with WWE (Outside of the Punk-Heyman stuff). He is involved with Daniel Bryan, involved with The Big Show, was involved with the Rhodes Family, etc. etc. Well he hasn’t been alone; we have had to deal with Vinnie Mac’s idiot daughter to along with his dufus son-in law (thanks CM Punk). The Idiot-Dufus era has begun in WWE, and we all have a front row seat! It’s almost like Triple H doesn’t want anyone to really get over. Like he is trying to solidify that Daniel Bryan is too small and doesn’t have enough charisma to be at the top despite what the fans think of him. He and Steph have made Big Show look smaller and smaller each and every week by having him crying on TV. It doesn’t matter that he KO’d Triple H at the end of Raw because he should have done it way earlier before he started looking uncool because there should be no way at all to explain away an ironclad contract because, you know, it’s ironclad! Could you imagine Andre the Giant being made out to look like such a wuss? I know I can’t. It just seems like Triple H feels that he is needed in all of WWE’s top angles to make them more important as if they are lacking his star power. Now for the record, I am not one of those folks who hate Triple H. I honestly feel that he is one of the best of his era bar none. While he has gotten a boost from the fact that he is banging the Vince McMahon’s daughter, married into the family, and is basically the son that Vince always wanted; it would be a lie to say that he wouldn’t have been a main event star based on his own merits without becoming a part of the McMahon family. I say that because you can’t stop talent and charisma. He wouldn’t have been as huge of a star as he was made out to be in 2002 when he was making all the other people on the roster look like losers and doing those long and boring 20 minute speeches to start Raw, but he still would have been a main eventer and multiple time WWE champion. But here we are 11 years later, and it is just like the bad old days! The Katie Vick era! All over TV, and starting off the show with long, boring promos again burying all of the other talent. The question is why is Hunter being so involved with the show? I think that it is clear that he is worried about the sagging ratings, low house show attendance, and slumping buy-rates and doing what a lot of old timer promoters did back in the day when business was down. They took on that “if no one else can get things going then I will” attitude and inserted themselves into angles and matches at the top of the card (see Lawler, Jerry, Von Erich, Fritz, Gagne, Verne). Now Trips and the McMahons are overestimating their worth to the show a little bit by ASSuming they can move the needle (they haven’t), but this may be the attitude that we are seeing from Triple H. What these folks don’t understand is that Daniel Bryan being too small isn’t the issue. He isn’t the reason why professional wrestling has lost nearly 70% of its viewing audience since WCW shot down back in 2001. The collapse began long before that, but somehow he will still be blamed. The numbers and buy-rates are going to suck no matter who is on top because wrestling isn’t the “in thing” anymore. You can blame Monday Night Football all you want! It wasn’t an issue when WWF and WCW were biting a huge chunk out of Monday Night Football’s ass back in the late 90s! It wasn’t a problem when Memphis wrestling was drawing huge ass crowds on Monday Nights for decades was it? It’s good that Triple H feels that the product could be doing better, but the fact remains that things suck because fans are tired of seeing a lot of the same shit that has been getting force fed to them over the years. Good guy vs evil boss has been old hat for the past 10 years now. WWE having no competition has allowed everyone on creative to be complacent. WWE will make a profit regardless because enough people watch their television and order pay per views in rote that it really doesn’t matter what type of product they put out. McDonalds sells hamburgers that might not even be meat, but it doesn’t matter because enough people will continue to purchase it regardless. That is what happens when you know you have maximized enough revenue streams to always make a profit. It’s a beautiful thing from a financial standpoint. Triple H, Stephanie, and all the ilk will continue to cater to the audience of one. That 68 year old, roided up, megalomaniac who runs everything is the audience. When there is no competition, agendas can continue to be served at the expense of talent that is most over. The question in the end that we all must ask is between Vince McMahon & The Idiot-Dufus collaboration “Who is the puppet master and who is the puppet?” What do you think? Is Triple H really the one controlling things? After all Vince always did like to be under the spell of muscular blondes in tights, didn’t he? As always, you can follow me on Twitter @whosantcox, and I can be reached by email at invidwarriorz@gmail.com. Questions, comments, concerns, thoughts, opinions, I respond to ALL of them! I promise you that! See you next time, wrestling fans!

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