• By Anthony Cox, Kayfabe Kickout Senior Columnist


What’s going on with the folks at TNA Wrestling? Look people, if you’re gonna copy professional wrestling then DON’T copy sports entertainment! Don’t you realize that the biggest thing that people want in professional wrestling right now is something different? I turn on my TV Monday Night for Raw, and what do I see? An evil boss story-line. Then on Thursday Night I sit down to watch TNA Impact Wrestling, and what do I see? An even shittier version of the same lame ass story-line! I just wonder why the folks at TNA Wrestling aren’t using the two hours of television that they have on Spike TV to promote the simple tools that make professional wrestling work? Those simple tools are pure wrestling and fresh logical story-lines. The Evil Boss angle has been done since 1998 when it was Stone Cold vs Mr. McMahon, and as we have all seen for 15 years afterwards that shit was hard to fucking top! It is simply lazy booking and a way for the people who run the company to get themselves on TV to show how much they rule over everyone else. I will give TNA credit though in one regard of copying a WWE angle; I think that the Gail Kim & Lei D Tapa combination is better than WWE’s AJ & Tamina Snuka combination. I guess they win the battle of “Better women’s champion protected by HUGE ass Samoan chick”. Of course, this is all a rehash of the Shawn Michaels & Diesel thing from early 90s WWF which I thought was awesome, for the record! TNA should have made last Sunday’s Bound for Glory Pay Per View all about redemption for AJ Styles. He lost a match at last year’s event that prohibited him from fighting for the title for a whole year. Why wasn’t that the main angle throughout the last 12 months of TNA wrestling? His road back to the World championship would have made a great story if booked correctly. Why did TNA decide to instead have ALL of their titles change hands at the Pay Per View? When you do that, none of the title changes stand out! The only title that should have changed hands was the TNA World Title. And we have AJ Styles who “isn’t under contract” with the TNA World Championship, and we all know this is just a rehash of CM Punk leaving with the WWE Title. I understand that TNA feels they could do the angle better as they are actually gonna let AJ Styles leave and defend the belt in places like AAA in Mexico and Wrestle-1 in Japan (which is already an upgrade on the story-line WWE did where they blew through 6 months’ worth of story-lines in a matter of weeks), but why go through all of that? I want TNA to continue to be around for a very long time. The more jobs available in professional wrestling on a national scale the better. But they can’t keep continually hitting the reset button and doing all of the things that kill a wrestling company. If they want people interested, why not copy some stuff from Mid South Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions, Championship Wrestling from Florida, etc. not from boring and repetitive status quo WWE retreads that aren’t interesting at this point? TNA has the chance to be different, but will they ever take that chance? Will they continue to be WWE-Lite and look minor league? It’s like they don’t care that they look 2nd rate. If I were running TNA, I wouldn’t even pay attention to anything WWE was doing. I would be too busy staying in my own lane answering questions like “How do I get ratings up?” “How will this story-line push buy-rates for this PPV I have coming up?”, and “How do I build my own profitable fan-base?” Buy-rates and ratings are the barometers for a national wrestling promotion, and if you have neither to a respectable degree then tell me how you are making any money? TNA’s Bound For Glory event was supposed to be their version of WrestleMania. Instead, a good amount of fans decided to show up to San Diego dressed up like chairs! It’s a shame because on paper the card was excellent, and even Chris Jericho gave the show “2 Thumbs Up!” Alright TNA, if you are truly starting over then finally start building your own fan base and markets that you know will enjoy the product. You currently have about a million loyal fans, so maybe it’s time to stop doing the things that make a wrestling stagnant, and start doing the things that turn one million into 3 million. Let WWE be WWE, and you can finally start being TNA. You already have a great roster of athletes, the X-Division, and a roster of aggressive ass women for you Knockouts Division; get the story-lines to go with it! In the end even if TNA doesn’t change their booking and creative philosophies, we can be glad that somewhere in TNA…Brooke Tessmacher is still twerking! Reason enough to watch for me! As always you can email me at invidwarriorz@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @whosantcox. Catch you on the flipside, wrestling fans!

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