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After Summerslam, I had written a column entitled “Booking 101: The Payoff”. If you read the column, then you will remember that I basically told all the marks to calm down and quit mark-raging as Daniel Bryan would win the title soon and give the fans the payoff that they have been waiting for! I felt this way because it is “Booking 101”. Well folks, I was wrong! Why? Because WWE serves agendas and clearly didn’t think that Daniel Bryan was the guy despite the fans saying otherwise. In the back of my mind, I feared that after teasing all of the fans that WWE would get it wrong but thought that WWE would know better. What happened to Daniel Bryan almost came off as sabotage! Bryan’s push was cooled, and now he was put into another program because as we all know Randy Orton as champion is “what’s best for business!” *roll eyes* Even if Daniel Bryan were to win the title at WrestleMania, the moment will be gone because WWE didn’t strike while the iron was hot. We are in a time when wrestling fans are looking for something new and fresh; WWE had the chance to give that to us. Instead we get fed the same shit that we have been eating since 1998 with the evil boss story-lines, and we have been fed the same shit since 1997 with Randy Orton and/or John Cena at the top because clearly WWE doesn’t trust anyone else and status quo is safe for them. Enough of us watch by rote, buy PPVs by rote, buy merchandise by rote, that WWE will always make a profit. That’s how it works when you’re the only game in town. Speaking of Cena, I am not sure what to make of him winning the World title. I mean the booking of the World Title itself has been a failure in the past couple years. The belt has lost all meaning, and is looked at by most fans as a secondary title. It is treated the same way fans treated the Intercontinental and US Titles back in the day (the way they should be treated by fans and wrestlers alike). After the PPV last weekend, I just felt that at this point putting the World title on John Cena was the equivalent to putting a band aid on a stab wound. Who will be that credible opponent that people will actually think can take the title from him? Sandow cashed in and failed. And while he looked good in defeat, is he ready to be main eventing with Cena at any point? Then we have Alberto Del Rio who is about as over as Jay Z at a KKK rally. I guess Cena can wait for a cleanly shaven Sheamus to come after him, so that we can relive 2009 all over again! I’m not saying that putting the World title on Cena was a good idea, but I understand why they did it. With Daniel Bryan, he lost his match because he was superkicked by his mentor Shawn Michaels. The crappy thing here is that there is NO PAYOFF because Michaels is retired. Bryan putting Michaels in the Yes Lock was cool and all, but that doesn’t replace a match that could have been awesome. It had the chance to be something like the Bruno Sammartino-Larry Zbysko except with the face and heel roles reversed. Now Bryan will be taking part in a feud with the Wyatts that CM Punk is also being dragged into. I guess the Wyatt Family doesn’t like former Ring of Honor World champions. But let’s look on the bright side; at least they are far away from the McMahons and all of their bullshit even if Bryan didn’t get his revenge on Triple H for tormenting him. Also, at least we don’t have to see Big Show cry anymore! Instead, he gets what was once Daniel Bryan’s spot even stealing Bryan’s YES chants to get himself over! And Big Show is in the spot because well....he’s big! No other reason! Where do things go from here with WWE’s latest class on Failbooking 101? Probably the return of Mr. McMahon because that is what the fans want to see! I hope everyone has their popcorn ready! RATINGS ARE GONNA BE THROUGH THE ROOF WHEN THAT HAPPENS! What do I know? I’m just some guy who writes for a wrestling website, right? As always you can follow me on Twitter @whosantcox, or you can email me your thoughts and opinions at invidwarriorz@gmail.com. I try my best to respond to everyone in a timely manner. As always thank you for reading regardless of if you agree of disagree.

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