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Interview With Drew Gulak, Current CZW World Heavyweight Champion

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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Welcome back wrestling fans to yet another stupendous interview here on *Kayfabe Kickout. For this brand new interview I had the pleasure to speak with current Combat Zone Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Drew Gulak. In the short time Drew has been in the professional wrestling business, he's made a tremendous impact and is one of the few true technical wrestlers in the world. He has faced some of professional wrestling's toughest in the business and has always given 110% from bell to bell. Drew has reached the top of the mountain in CZW, capturing the CZW World Heavyweight Championship in October against MASADA, which was one of the top matches thus far in 2013. Drew has another hurdle to overcome in December, as he faces former WWE NXT Superstar Chris Hero at CZW's 'Cage of Death XV' and the CZW World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line. I spoke with Drew on his thoughts on ECW during its heyday, on his opponent Chris Hero, technical wrestling in 2013 and more! Richard: To start off Drew I wanted to ask, how do you feel working for a promotion like Combat Zone Wrestling, that centers around extreme wrestling not often spotlighted in 2013?

Drew: CZW tends to be criminally undervalued for that stigma. I blame the marketing team. CZW is, however, the most well networked wrestling promotion in the world next to WWE, as well as one of the most exciting live experiences a fan could have. I love it. Richard: On December 14th at CZW's Cage of Death XV, you defend the CZW World Heavyweight Championship against Chris Hero, what are your thought on Hero as an in ring worker? Drew: There is a reason Chris is considered one of the best wrestlers in the world. He has the ability to incite change like no one else and I respect him greatly for that. Richard: I wanted to get your thoughts on the WWE and its view on smaller wrestlers like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, who overall haven't been spotlighted as highly as larger wrestlers like John Cena and Hulk Hogan? Drew: I would argue that guys like Rey Mysterio have been just as successful in some ways. Everything is relative. However you can't stop talent. It always shines through. Richard: You've been in the business less than a decade and have made quite a mark in such a short time, do you feel that you have reached the pinnacle of your career or do you think there is much more to come? Drew: I do not believe in reaching a pinnacle. Perhaps when I exit. Richard: What are your thoughts on ECW when it was at the height of its success during the Attitude Era? Drew: Dwindling? They inspired the attitude movement. In turn this time played large role in what CZW became with our initial ties to Big Japan in the early part of our company. Richard: You held the CZW Wired Championship for an impressive 427 days, which do you think is more important, number of championship reigns or overall length of a title reign? Drew: Neither is important. The impact a man makes while champion, that is what counts. Richard: Do you think technical wrestling can still survive in today's overall landscape of professional wrestling? Drew: Technical wrestling is a term created by people who feel a need to classify a person’s ability. Again, I blame marketing. Richard: Over the past few years a long list of Indy wrestlers such as Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan have finally reached the grand stage of the WWE, do you envision yourself wrestling alongside them in the most successful promotion in the world? Drew: I would like to work there one day and will be working hard to accomplish that goal. Right now my path has lead me to being the CZW World Champion. If I were working alongside those people in that environment I would do my best to relish in it. Richard: You had the opportunity to wrestle Colt Cabana recently, what are your thoughts on what it was like to work in the ring with him? Drew: It was an honor. He is an amazing wrestler with more experience than 99.9% of everyone in our business. It was a wonderful test. Richard: I'd like to get your thoughts on the Wrestling Cares Association Promotion, which is run by Les Thatcher? Drew: A wonderfully conducted promotion in California featuring some of the best wrestlers on the world. Richard: Do you think Hardcore Wrestling can still thrive in 2013, as it did during its heyday in the mid to late 1990's? Drew: Again, it’s all relative. Blame the marketing. Fans can follow Drew Gulak on Twitter @DrewGulak, and on his Official Website. I want to personally thank CZW World Heavyweight Champion Drew Gulak for taking the time to speak with me here on *Kayfabe Kickout.

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