• By Anthony Cox, Kayfabe Kickout Senior Columnist

Big Things Poppin'

I am just going it say it right now! I was very hype as I watched the announcement of the WWE Network on YouTube. Finally, a place where I can basically watch all the old wrestling footage along with the newest stuff that WWE has to offer. We have been waiting for this event to take place for a couple of years now after WWE gassed all of us fans up the year before claiming it was dropping back in 2012. Now it’s here, and all of the naysayers can shut the hell up. I truly feel that February 24 is going to be a monumental moment not only in WWE history, but in pro wrestling history as well. Of course, some people are a little miffed by the fact that the Network won’t be available through any cable or satellite services. I understand, when I first heard about the WWE Network I was hoping that it would have a format similar to the NFL Network and be available on cable TV. The fact that it is available only on the internet shouldn’t be THAT much of a deterrent since you can watch it on so many devices such as a laptop, iPhone, Droid phones, Tablets, and game consoles. These are all things that you can hook up to a television, so I don’t see what the big issue is! So we are getting WWE’s version of Netflix, awesome! If you have a huge ass TV and one of those devices hooked up to it, then you’re all set! You have a channel that shows wrestling 24/7, has an On Demand option, and gives you EVERY WWE PPV LIVE including WrestleMania! And it will only be around 10 bucks! The catch is that you have to do the 6 month contract meaning you pay the 60 bucks up front. That won’t be a problem because there are enough folks out there who pay that much for one Pay-Per-View. Well worth the price of admission! I am wondering if they plan to have some options where I can pay a lump sum for the whole year! WWE should have enough subscribers that even if buy-rates go down from less people buying their PPVs (already an issue WWE is dealing with anyhow), through the miracle of time there will be enough subscribers paying the 10 bucks a month and that will more than make up for the difference. I am sure that all of the NXT fans are hype about the fact that shows will be available on the WWE along with new episodes of WWE Superstars which is a show that I am sure a lot of people forgot existed because they stopped showing it in the US, but having both of these shows on the network will give some guys a chance to be seen. Raw & SmackDown Pre/Post Shows is another great feature, because we can get some extra stuff like post show interviews and maybe some extra backstage segments. You know what I wish that they would do on that Network? I would love it if they started NWA/WCW Saturday Night at a certain year like January 1988, and just moved forward from there! And show it every Saturday Night! Good chance for folks to relive some great wrestling memories and for some younger fans to see how much better the overall wrestling product was at one point. Hell, they can do that with just about any wrestling library they want! The possibilities are truly endless with WWE Network. They even plan to have original programming such as the reality show “Legend’s House” where I get to see some of my favorite superstars from my childhood years living together in a house for a bunch of middle aged hi-jinks, and you can bet I don’t plan to miss an episode! This first season will have guys like Roddy Piper, Tony Atlas, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan! I can’t wait to see who can be featured on later seasons! It would be awesome to have the Season 2 house with guys like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Jesse Ventura, and Bret Hart! Sprinkle in Ax & Smash of Demolition and add in Slick and you have Season 2 right there! I just wonder the range of original programming WWE will put out there. Will we see a sitcom featuring Santino Marella as a paperboy? Zack Ryder: Long Island Private Eye? Or how about a cooking show hosted by JTG and Yoshi Tatsu? We can even get Wade Barrett doing the weather telling folks of “Bad News” with subzero temperatures coming in. With the programming and the pricing, it will be a winning combination. I am sure that people will be fine paying 10 bucks over possibly getting viruses from streaming websites where they try to watch PPVs. In fact, I feel that WWE Network’s package is a great way to stick it to those streaming sites! Will the price go up eventually? Yes. Will there be some glitches to worry about? Probably. But is Vince McMahon selling it and are we buying it? YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! As always, you can email me your comments to invidwarriorz@gmail.com or you can follow me on Twitter @whosantcox. As always, thanks for reading!

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