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WWE RAW Results: January 20th, 2014

RAW Live! January 20, 2014 Dayton, Ohio Mae Young Tribute video opens the show. RIP 1923 - 2014. HHH and Stephanie are in the ring to bring back the Animal... Randy Orton? Stephanie verbally berates Orton about his behavior last week when he attacked John Cena’s dad, John Sr. Stephanie threatens to fire Randy. Orton blames The Authority for their reckless booking of the title and their failure to get behind the face of the company. HHH says Orton will face Kofi again tonight AND Orton will make things right with Cena. Batista comes out, (Evolution has no Flair tonight), he faces off with Randy. Batista is back for one reason, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Randy stares a blank look, he can see no rest in his future as champion. “Batista is here, Bryan’s clear and the Rumble’s near. Get ready for a night of all rhyming wrestling tweets.” - @AKATheMaskedMan The Shield have the short straw to begin the match against the Rhodes Boys and their partner Big E. Reigns is able to swing the momentum with a jarring spear, but Cody’s Disaster Kick knocks Reigns sideways. Big E takes the Hot Tag and a Big Splash on Ambrose is broken up by Roman. Seth tags in and gets a Big Stomp to the back of Big E’s head allowing the Shield to collect the pinfall. “Daniel Bryan!” reverberates throughout the arena. The WWE’s hero has returned. Bryan says it was a tough but necessary plan that had to occur to break Bray down mentally, physically is not enough! Daniel Bryan doesn’t follow anyone! “I exposed you Bray.” Wyatt appears via live video on the screen. Bray calls Bryan a traitor. Everything that happens to Bryan from now on will be his own fault, according to the gospel of Bray. Fandango verses Xavier Woods sees a Leg Drop from the top rope and a three count on Woods before it’s realized that R Truth is on commentary. “Come on, man!” - R Truth. Stephanie chastises Kane for Choke Slamming Punk on SmackDown. She says he is not to put his hands on Superstars. He must apologize to Punk in the ring, now! Kane calls out Punk and the Chicago native obliges. Kane apologizes and does it again at Punk’s request. CM Punk tells Kane that he too is sorry and with that Punk attacks Kane sending him to the outside. Brad Maddox sidesteps Kane’s anger and makes Billy Gunn come out to face Punk. Road Dogg sits at the announce table and flaps his gums about the Outlaws being back. Gunn gets the advantage often from the distractions of his partner Road Dogg. Punk understands this and takes the fight to Road Dogg the first chance he gets. Billy Gunn has put in a good effort but it is time to Go To Sleep. Punk is victorious. Kane congratulates Punk on his win, tells him that the number one spot in the Royal Rumble is his! Punk draws #1! Kinda. Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio are having the rubber match in this series tonight. ADR picks at Rey, even trying to tear at his mask in the corner. Rey mounts a comeback that is thwarted by a kick to the head, this nets Del Rio only two count. ADR is angry and he missteps, inviting a 619 and top rope Splash, Mysterio gets a two count when Del Rio grabs the rope. ADR calls for it, Cross Arm Breaker! Mysterio taps immediately. Del Rio wins. Batista comes to face off with Del Rio, post match. Del Rio charges and Batista hits a Spine Buster followed by a Powerbomb. Dave poses. Big Show mimics Paul Heyman in a high voice. Big Show wants Brock face to face now. Heyman appears on stage and then... Brock Lesnar. The two march confidently to the ring, then they turn and leave the same way they came. Big Show calls to Brock, Lesnar answers the call, he comes to Show, nose to nose. The two giants brawl until Brock is tossed to the outside. Lesnar has a fit, he tears apart the announce table and throws a couple of monitors. Brock trips over the tossed monitors and then toss it at Big Show in frustration. Heyman cools Lesnar down and client and manager retreat.

“I want Big Show and Jason Segel to do a budy cop movie. Get on that WWE Films.” - @kickoutblog Tamina does the heavy lifting for the team on most occasions but when AJ tags in, to get the win for the duo, Naomi is playing possum. The Funkadactyl rolls up the champ for a three count, AJ loses the match for her team. Uso’s are running on adrenaline out of the gate but soon fall prey to the Wyatt family’s size and overall violence. The Uso’s get torn apart and Bray asks the audience if this is not what they wanted to see. Bray foreshadows the same fate for the hero named Daniel Bryan. Uso’s fight back as Bryan barrels down the ramp and into Bray Wyatt. Bryan’s attack distracts the family and the Uso’s are able to roll up Harper for the win. Yes! Yes! Yes! “Kofi Kingston is main eventing Raw. Let that sink in.” - @ARCofWrestling The Orton verses Kofi rematch will headline this Raw. Kofi is aggressive and out to prove he deserves to be here, he does not. Orton is calculating in his dissection but ever mindful of an impending attack from Cena. This distraction leads to a SOS but Orton kicks out. Here comes Cena, he seems upset. The match is over. Cena is attacking Orton as he tries to flee up through the crowd. Cena chases him up the stairs and through a private box. Cena races outside just in time to see Randy jump in a SUV and escape. Cena is left with his hands on his head. fin - ArchieV @MisterRudo

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