• By Anthony Cox, Kayfabe Kickout Senior Columnist

Rumble Ramble

I have been going to WWE wrestling shows for 19 years now. I have witnessed classic moments such as Mick Foley falling off the top of the Cell and Diesel’s epic encounter with King Mabel. But what I have never seen is the Pittsburgh crowd as hype as I had seen it on Sunday night. I don’t look at this as a smart mark response from a smart mark crowd like the one the night after WrestleMania because normally the WWE crowd in Pittsburgh doesn’t get loud like it did on Sunday. What I saw were fans taking exception to the drizzlin’ shits event that WWE put on known as the Royal Rumble. Of course, Daniel Bryan got the loudest pop out of anyone because he is over with everyone except the WWE brass. Still they have him get beat by Bray Wyatt, but that’s beside the point because his momentum hasn’t stopped. No one cared about Lesnar squashing Big Show, and the Pittsburgh crowd ALSO took exception to John Cena vs Randy Orton. That was bad to the point where you could see Orton visibly pissed off. He even threw a tantrum backstage complaining about the crowd! We should be mad at the fact that at Royal Rumble we were forced to watch a rerun between Orton and Cena in a match that has been going down since 2007? Note to WWE, when fans would rather see Divas or do the wave during your World Title match then maybe it’s time to make changes. Never were so many excited for interference during a championship match! I want to thank to Wyatts for putting an end to that sorry ass match. Last night a friend asked me if I felt WWE was going to listen to their fans. I replied with "probably not". Let’s be honest, they know that we are going to keep watching and that we are still going to subscribe to the WWE Network. They are the only game in town, and have mastered how to make a profit off us. We want to rage against the WWE machine, but WWE knows we will be content with living vicariously through Daniel Bryan as he rages against the machine for us. Last night no one cared about Batista winning the Royal Rumble because that too was a rerun, what everyone cared about was screaming Bryan’s name as much as possible. WWE brass claimed they were surprised that fans were upset about Bryan not being in the Rumble which makes me wonder if they really pay attention to their own product or they just have their eyes wide shut? The saddest part about the night is not that Bryan was put into a curtain jerker match, but how that crapfest of a show overshadowed the awesome performance by Roman Reigns of the Shield during the Royal Rumble match. He had 12 eliminations and by the end of the whole thing and clearly had the fans on his side when it came down to him and Batista. When Batista won, fans mostly just booed. Batista even got to the point where he flipped off some fans after the match. Pretty dick move from the man they are putting in the main event of WrestleMania! The faces were treated like heels and the heels were treated like faces during this show. More importantly, this Royal Rumble, we saw what fans were really cheering and booing. They cheered for what was new and fresh and booed what was old and status quo. Royal Rumble was a pretty rocky start on the road to WrestleMania. In spite of it being a pretty weak show, it was definitely the most fun I ever had at a WWE event. It was fun entertaining ourselves when WWE couldn’t. As always, you can email me your comments to invidwarriorz@gmail.com or you can follow me on Twitter @whosantcox. As always, thanks for reading.

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