• By Dani Mitchell, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

This Is An Open Letter To CM Punk, The WWE & The Whole WWE Universe

Dear CM Punk, We the WWE universe understands that you are entitled to take a break from wrestling. Although we do not know you exact intentions or how long your break will last let it be known you have the support of the fans. I myself can understand your frustrations. While we do not see what happens when the curtain closes, we can speculate. You could be frustrated with the fact that the WWE has thrown you in meaningless match ups, week after week. Most people feel like the company is under-utilizing you. While we want to see you in a match up that has the potential to show your best work, they have bounced you around with no clear future in sight. Maybe you are irritated with the way the company is treated other superstars. Daniel Bryan is over with the crowd, and the audience has made it clear they are not happy with how he is not given the rewards for overcoming the obstacles thrown at him. Not only Daniel Bryan, but there are superstars in your position that do not have the same TV. time that they should. Stars like Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow, Dolph Ziggler, and the multitude of other stars that are forced to limited spots or have been swept under the rug. The story-lines have bounced around so much that we get no resolution to most things we see and left feeling like we are being shortchanged as the audience. As the fans we are becoming irate that superstars we want to see strive and develop aren’t getting their chance, while part time wrestlers are automatically given main events and belts wrapped around their waist without having to put in the time and work that the rest of the wrestlers do. The WWE is sitting on a goldmine but every year around WrestleMania they feel they have to bring back a gimmick to get the views they seek. They don’t. While it is nostalgic to see some of our favorite wrestlers return, we do not want to see them take the opportunities that others deserve. What happened to wrestlers like Chris Jericho, who come in and help put over the younger talent? Lately, we have only seen wrestlers come in to steal the spotlight and promote their careers outside of the ring. So maybe this letter isn’t just to CM Punk. Maybe this is to the WWE. We want wrestlers. We want Superstars to have more freedom on the mic. We want feuds that matter and are going to bring out the best in each other. We, the WWE universe want to be left saying “Wow, what a match, those guys have some real in ring chemistry.” Bring it back. Give the guys in the company the chance to put in the work in ring and on the mic; Quit giving away their opportunities. Back to you CM Punk, we hear you. If this is the beginning of your departure from the company…Don’t give up on us yet. Be the change. Make things happen. Save us from where this is all going. Sincerely,

The WWE Universe.

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