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Ever Since CM Punk Picked Up His Ball & Went Home...

Ever since CM Punk picked up his ball and went home, there has been a lot of speculation on if he seriously got frustrated with the company and left or if it is all a work. So far it seems like the crowd is split. However if this is a work, my fellow writer friend, Seth Smiley, has come up with an interesting theory and it is mind blowing. His theory is pretty spectacular and if WWE creative got wind of it, they would have to steal it and make it their own. It is that good. His idea starts with the WWE wanting to anger and slight the fans on purpose starting with Batista winning the Rumble, Daniel Bryan not being in the rumble, followed by our favorite anti-hero packing up and heading home. He goes on to say what if Daniel Bryan is “fired” next. How mad would the WWE universe be then? Smiley goes on about the angry fans causing the WWE to screw Bryan at Elimination Chamber. This sending Bryan off the handles and having him fired. Ultimately, his theory ends with this. Batista and Randy Orton have a good main event at WrestleMania but just when we think it is over, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk show up and steal the show having their own main event at WrestleMania, with the help of Mick Foley and Stone Cold. Now, that was just the brief version. Are you intrigued? You should be. It was a pretty great and it makes us hope that the creative team could give us something this spectacular. I suggest you read the whole piece of work at his blog in the following link: http://thesmileyguywwe.blogspot.com/ He goes into great detail of how Foley and Austin would get involved and how this could end up being the greatest work we have seen in a long time. Smiley also shared this with Mick Foley via Twitter. And low and behold the great Foley responded back in a DM:

How awesome would it be if Foley pitched this to the big guys and this is what we got? That would an amazing ending for WrestleMania XXX?

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