• By Anthony Cox, Kayfabe Kickout Senior Columnist

Where It's Stable

In the midst of all of the trash that has been presented by WWE on the rocky road to WrestleMania there is a glimmer of hope, something out there that doesn’t have to do with the people who are in the WWE World Title picture. In case you haven’t figured it out, I am talking about the feud between The Wyatt Family and the Shield. From the first time people saw those vignettes hyping the debut of the Wyatt Family, people compared them to The Shield. Everyone wondered who would win if these two teams ever decided to go at it. Now we get to see what happens at the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View when they finally get it on to decide who the top stable is in WWE. The promos both teams have been doing with the pre-taped stuff have been nothing short of awesome. You have the Wyatt Family who looks at the Shield as a group of guys who are only strong together and not apart, and then you have The Shield who mock the Wyatt Family and dismiss them as nothing more than a crew of backwoods boogeymen who could use a good shave. It’s a true battle between one crew that uses brute force and intimidation and another group that will simply play mind games with you. It’s even hard to pick a side on this one folks truly enjoy both stables. It is enjoyable to the fans because it is new. It is playing out with a lack of “authority”, and I hope that it remains that way. Within the last few months some of the best stuff that has been going on within WWE has been stuff that hasn’t involved Triple H and Stephanie being. It’s also a true heel vs. heel feud. Now some people think that bad guys should not fight each other, but I disagree because I don’t think that all bad guys have to like another or be friends at all. You wanna know why that is? BECAUSE THEY ARE BAD GUYS! There is no honor among the evil, so if one crew has to take out the other crew to prove they are top bad asses in WWE then so be it. I just hope that with a couple of weeks to build up that the storyline continues to play out and unfold as good episodic television; which is what WWE has been lacking on a consistent basis. With top guys leaving the company and other top dogs beginning to complain about their own positions in the company, we are getting to the point where it will be next man up very soon. Among the six guys in these stables, we may be seeing the future of the product. So who do you have in this feud? Do you find it hard to pick a side? Do you think the Wyatt’s will go over due to the fact that WWE has been teasing a Shield breakup for a while now? All I do know is that it is going to be very entertaining to watch and to follow. While Rome may be burning down around these six guys with so much backstage BS going down, I think that Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt are fiddling the hardest. While there is a possibility that the rest of the Elimination Chamber event may be a trash (or good depending on how the show itself is booked), we know that The Shield and the Wyatt Family are going to deliver the goods. The collision course that folks have been waiting on for months is finally going to come to fruition! Will you believe or will you follow? Follow me on Twitter @whosantcox and you can also email me your thoughts at invidwarriorz@gmail.com! Catch you next time, wrestling fans!

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