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Interview With "Miss Natural" Heather Patera, Former Six Time WLW Ladies Champion & Cu

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

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Welcome wrestling fans to a brand new interview here on *Kayfabe Kickout. For this stupendous interview I had the immense pleasure to speak with a rising star on the Indy Scene, more specifically TCW (Traditional Championship Wrestling), "Miss Natural" Heather Patera. Heather has been in the wrestling industry since 2000 and has been trained by one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the business, former seven time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race and by her own father former WWE Wrestler & Olympian Ken Patera. Heather is a six time WLW (World League Wrestling) Ladies Champion and during her first run as WLW Ladies Champion, she held the title for an impressive 385 days. Since her time with WLW, Heather has competed for a plethora of wrestling promotions such as; SHIMMER, Resistance Pro, AAW & more. I spoke with Heather on who her inspiration to get into pro wrestling was, TCW's overall product, the state of the WWE Divas Division & more! Richard: For some wrestling fans who may not be familiar with your career in professional wrestling, can you give us an update on what's going on in the busy schedule of "Miss Natural" Heather Patera?

Heather: Always busy. But trying to slow down a little. I travel about 2-3,000 miles a month mostly by myself in my own car. But they are getting up there. Both over 200k. So makes things a little bit more difficult to travel long distances. Richard: On three separate occasions you had the opportunity to wrestle for SHIMMER Women Athletes, I'd like to get your thoughts on what it was like to wrestler for one of the top women's promotions in North America? Heather: Actually 4 times. SHIMMER is great. Lot of the most amazing women's talent you will see out there all under one roof for 2 days. Richard: I'm sure you have heard all of the major news regarding TNA, regarding the promotion's financial troubles and it's possible sale, in your opinion what do you think would help TNA become a real competitor to the WWE? Heather: I actually don't watch TV wrestling. Its been maybe almost 2 years and I've seen maybe 2-3hrs in that time frame. Richard: Your father is former WWE Wrestler Ken Patera, what was it like growing up in your household having a parent who was involved in the complex world of professional wrestling? Heather: I actually grew up mainly with my mom up until the late teens. Richard: As a follow up to the previous question, did your father have any aspirations for you to follow in his footsteps, or was it a decision that was made on your own? Heather: Of course! He definitely encouraged me and my other sisters. I was the only one who chose to be crazy and be crippled by the time I'm 40 lol! Richard: In October you had the opportunity to wrestle with UK Women's Wrestling Legend Saraya Knight, what was it like for you to wrestle side by side with Saraya, who is arguably the greatest women's wrestler to ever come out of the UK? Heather: Her and I have tagged twice together at AAW based in Chicago. Love her! She reminds me of me and my Dad. No bullshit she'll tell you how she feels and lays it all out there. Honesty in this business is rare to find. I love watching her matches. Just old school brawling. Richard: You held the WLW Women's Championship on six separate occasions, for a total of 781 days. Which do you think is more important, number of title reigns or the length of one particular title reign? Heather: Days and Reigns to me don't matter. It's the quality of how many matches, your opponents and matches. Richard: Do you think that the smaller women's promotions like SHIMMER and Shine can compete with larger promotions like the WWE and TNA? Heather: Most definitely! Think the quality surpasses the bigger company. More freedom of creativity and time can be put into the matches. Not have a 5 minute match that includes entrance and exit. Richard: Over the last 25 years or so Women's Professional Wrestling has changed dramatically in terms of how it's presented, in your opinion do you think it's better today, or has the change hurt the product overall? Heather: I'm more old school with wrestling. Today's female wrestling seems to be more sexualized on TV than back in the day. Granted sex sells but I think now they are focusing more on sex appeal rather than talent. Don't get me wrong there are still females at the top that are amazing but seems like the ones with the talent turn out to be the jobbers or put on the back burner. Richard: What's the number one women's championship you hope to add to your wrestling resume? Heather: NWA Women's Championship. Being trained by Harley Race also has given me a desire to hold it. Granted its not the men's belt but its one I'd like to have around my waist before I retire. Richard: Who was the number one women's pro wrestler who inspired you to get into the business, if you had one that is? Heather: Honestly there wasn't a female influence, I mean it was cool to see women do it but none of them inspired me, I was inspired by the men. My Dad, Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, Nick Bockwinkel etc. Richard: Many wrestling fans have commented positively on TCW's high quality production values, do you think it's important for any promotion to have good production value in addition to a strong roster and great matches? Heather: Of course! People will be more inclined to watch a smaller Indy company if the overall quality of the show is appealing to the eye. Richard: Do you think it's absolutely vital for female professional wrestlers to have a certain look that a company like the WWE has for its female talent to be more important, than actual raw wrestling talent? Heather: I think WWE has forced people to think women should look a certain way. Like a "Diva." Some of the best talent I've seen isn't "Diva" quality. Tattoos, piercings, a few extra pounds, Mohawks you name it. These women are themselves when they walk out that curtain, gives the fans something different than a 115lb cookie cutter half wrestler, shoot I'm sitting at 160lbs 5'4 definitely not your typical TV female wrestler. These are women who mix their lifestyle with amazing talent. I LOVE SHIMMER for that. Its not cookie cutter. Its based on talent not looks. Richard: If you had the chance to wrestle any female professional wrestler, past or present, who would that wrestler be and why? Heather: Lisa Marie/Tara/Victoria, Beth Phoenix or Natalya they are all one hell of an athlete and their talent is to be by far the best. I've had the pleasure of working with Jazz over a year ago. She is hands down amazing in the ring! Fans can follow "Miss Natural" Heather Patera on Twitter @MissNatural2000 and on Facebook. I want to personally thank "Miss Natural" Heather Patera, for taking the time to speak with me here on *Kayfabe Kickout.

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