• By Ashley Matthew, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Total Divas Season 2 Review

In the first episode of the second season of Total Divas, we see drama, romance trouble and family squabbles. One of the first things revealed in the episode is Eva Marie eloping with her significant other, Jonathan Coyle. However, she has dug herself in a deep hole as she has yet to tell her family that she’s married, fearing their reaction, due to their reaction when she first told them she was engaged in season 1 of the show. After her husband and fellow Total Divas encourage her to tell her family, she receives a phone call from her mother, leading her to panic when she learns they want to visit her, knowing that they will soon discover her secret that she is hiding from them. When the family learns of the marriage, they disapprove, telling her she humiliated the family. Meanwhile, Nikki Bella struggles with her separation from her beau, John Cena, who has been staying with her mother since taking some time away from Cena to rethink their relationship. As her and her sister celebrate their 30th birthday, Cena shows how much he misses Nikki by texting her sister, Brie to tell her to wish Nikki a happy birthday for him, along with temporarily reuniting with Nikki at Wizard World Comic Con. As Brie plans for her wedding to Daniel Bryan, Nikki tags along to help, only to be reminded of how Cena doesn’t want to get married or have kids. This leads Nikki to being more frustrated, later venting to her sister about how heartbroken she is. We also see the anticipated debut of Summer Rae on Total Divas. Summer quickly forms a bond with Eva Marie, relating to her since they are both the newer Divas. However, animosity quickly begins to show between Summer Rae and some of the other Total Divas, Naomi, Natalya and Cameron who quickly begin making fun of the way she talks and talking about how fake Summer Rae is behind her back. Natalya seems to show the most animosity, even publically calling out her and Eva Marie in a meeting for their lack of wrestling skills when it is mentioned that Eva Marie and Summer Rae may eventually face The Funkadactyls or the Bella Twins. This isn’t the only drama we see between Natalya. When she goes out to party with Cameron and The Bella Twins, an intoxicated Natalya begins to get a little too close to Cameron’s boyfriend, Vincent when they are dancing together. Cameron becomes upset and takes Natalya outside of the club they are in, to talk to her about the matter, leading to a police officer threatening to arrest them. The two then walk back into the club, laughing about the altercation with the policeman. Towards the end of the episode, Nikki receives a text from John Cena, telling her that he wants to talk and is on his way to see her. Nikki calls Brie and Daniel to ask them what she thinks she should do. Daniel tells her to “quit being a girl” and along with Brie, encourages her to go see Cena. Brie also teases that Cena may propose. Nikki then sends Cena a text back, letting him know she will meet up with him. The episode ends with Cena, dressed in a suit waiting on a pier at sunset with a bouquet of red roses and a bottle of wine as Nikki approaches him, only to leave on a cliffhanger of what will happen next. From a personal point of view, the two things that seemed to be the most dramatic as a start-off for season two were Nikki’s struggling relationship with Cena and Eva Marie’s encounter with her family when they learn she has eloped. It seems to be a slow start to the season as the first episode of the first season tended to have a bigger dramatic impact with the ladies having their match cut at WrestleMania. Obviously, more drama will come as the preview for the rest of the season showed Eva Marie getting into an altercation with the other Total Divas over some risque photos, Summer Rae getting into a cat-fight with Natalya, Eva Marie learning she may not be able to have kids and more. There will also be a lot of romance as Naomi gets married in Hawaii, Brie picks out her wedding dress and Natalya tries to add more passion in her life with her husband, Tyson Kidd. Only time will truly tell if this season will be bigger than the one before.

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