• By Anthony Cox, Kayfabe Kickout Senior Columnist

The Jeff Jarrett Project

If you have not heard by now, Jeff Jarrett is gearing things up so that he can start his own wrestling promotion…again! I am not 100% sure what to think of this. I give him props for not just diving in this time to get a wrestling promotion off the ground. He has been actually been working diligently on making this happen. He has taken the time to scout out talents all across the World, trying to get things in place with international promotions as a way to create working agreements, and even taking time with negotiations for television deals. Jeff Jarrett has been through all of this before with the creation of TNA Wrestling, so hopefully he has learned from his past in regards to what to do and what not to do in order to keep the product interesting and to build a fan base. Right now, wrestling is in an era where there is a desperate need for competition. Without competition, wrestling fans will continue to be force fed whatever WWE gives them because it isn’t like WWE has to do their best in order to draw fans or make a profit because they are the only big game in town. I also feel that the spot for the #2 wrestling company is wide open in North America. Ring of Honor has the pure wrestling and the logical story-lines, but it is missing the production values and looks minor league compared to the #1 company out there. TNA has great wrestling and production values, but the booking and logical angles just are not there. It is the butt of jokes (sometimes justly and sometimes unjustly) in wrestling groups and forums everywhere. The other question is if there is even room for another national wrestling promotion in North America. I am not sure if today’s economic climate will allow it to thrive as much as it could. Will people be willing to part with their dollars to come to these shows at all? This is something that is to be determined. I feel if the product is good enough, then people will pay for it. And if it is a true alternative to what is already out there that people are willing to get behind, then people will definitely pay for it. I think most importantly, Jarrett needs to make sure that he has wrestling people working with him. I mean outside of his buddy Toby Keith investing in it, everyone else involved needs to be people who know the wrestling business and how a company should be run. Hopefully Keith himself won’t treat this like it is a plaything, and be a money mark. I hope he too is smart enough to know that only wrestling people with proven track records should be involved in getting things off the ground. Jarrett will also need to check his own ego at the door. During the early days of TNA, it was almost as if he held their World Title hostage. He can’t do that this time, though I understand why he would. Because when you are running things, sometimes you can only trust yourself, as the son of a wrestling promoter he probably understands this more than anyone. If anything, he needs to use his name to put over fresh faces and emerging talent and just be on the roster as the veteran hand more than anything else. Professional wrestling has lost 60% of its wrestling fan base since 2001. Some stopped watching when WCW died because they were die hard WCW fans and liked having an alternative while others stopped watching because of Stone Cold Steve Austin or the Rock leaving wrestling full-time. The question is, does Jeff Jarrett have the key to bring some of these fans back? That’s something that we will find out in due time. Do I want this company to be successful? Definitely as it will open up even more jobs in the world of professional wrestling, and it will give fans another viable option in regards to their choice of a wrestling product during a time when some variety is definitely needed. Have some thoughts and comments on this? You can hit me up on Twitter @whosantcox or you can email me at invidwarriorz@gmail.com. Have a good one, wrestling fans!

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