• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

TNA Is Completely TN-Awful

Anybody with half a brain know that TNA is downright unwatchable, right? Considering the mid-card guys will stay in the mid-card, the X-Division is a complete joke, the Knockouts division is a laughing stock of women's wrestling, and the main event definitely sucks, TNA consistently fails to be original every single time. And this is coming from a guy who just can't stand that TNA is a failure under the Carter regime in over a decade. The heel turn off one MVP was heavily criticized by the fans; mid card guys don't have the tools to be big time players; the Tag Team title picture is a mess; and that evening gown match really pissed off the women's wrestling fan base, because the popular belief is that the clownish writing staff over at TNA doesn't take women's wrestling seriously. Of course there are some bright spots on the roster like the energetic Brittany, The Wolves, Eric Young, the returns of Madison Rayne and Angelina Love, and even EC3 for the hell of it; but the rest of the roster is either a bunch of B+ players or just completely talentless. Their ability to create stars is definitely not their strong suit, and the fact that they don't have the tools to market the product really sucks because TNA was supposed to be an alternative to the top dogs in wrestling known as the WWE and each and every year they have failed to come up big in the long run. I'll tell you, things like those are not what you want to hear if you're Dixie Carter. The woman who values everything in TNA, whose mother is the chairwoman of that company, and who has the most power over wrestling decisions in TNA is now the biggest joke in the wrestling world. With the losses of AJ Styles, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Hernandez and many others as well as the recent signings of mid card guys to ridiculous deals, TNA has failed in every way during Dixie's time at the top and so far it is declining every step of the way. And the financial issues they got is so damning it is a terrible destination for the big-time free agents who have been released by either WWE or Ring Of Honor. If you are a wrestling fan who want an alternative to the WWE, TNA isn't the promotion for you. Lots of people are consistently bashing the current product with ruthless abandon and some people defend it due in part of the storylines. Me, I'm just telling it like it is. It's not that I hate TNA, it's that I can't stand to see them rip off the stories WWE has made over the past couple of months and the way they use their talent so poorly. Contrary to popular opinion, I don't want to see the company fall on their face and I don't wish anything bad to happen to those who work there. But with the Internet Wrestling Community being vocal against TNA in recent months it is downright apparent that TNA really is the worst wrestling alternative in wrestling history. Ring Of Honor in recent months has shown their true identity with Adam Cole as their champion and many other promotions have their own identities as well, TNA really fails to do just that in more ways than one and it's not gonna make the wrestling fans happy. And that is true to form because in this time and age the wrestling fans are a lot smarter than they were a decade ago now that the dirt sheets are reporting the so-called stories of TNA's demise or videos of fans complain about the product or the fans complain on social media about the crap TNA shoves down their throats every damn time. The things that the fans say are downright negative and TNA doesn't listen to the hardcore fans who put their hard-earned money into a product that consistently fails every chance they get. So wrestling fans, there are plenty of alternatives for you to enjoy, like ClickWrestle or ROH, our maybe your local Indy promotion. Even Jeff Jarrett's new promotion in the future. But TNA isn't the alternative for wrestling fans, it has become the anti-alternative of professional wrestling. In a way, TNA wants to be the WWE of the south when they should have their own identity to create. And to the normal wrestling fan that is something they want, to be better than WWE. To the hardcore wrestling fans, they want TNA to clean up their act and create their own legacy and not rip off WWE. As a fan, I sure hope TNA would listen to the fans and create their own identity. If not, the company well fail each and every time for the rest of the way. You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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