• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Why Global Force Wrestling Needs To Be Better Than TNA

Imagine that TNA is the number two wrestling company in the world and Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling was number three. One company lacks the drive, the other has the opportunity to flourish because that company is failing. One company lacks vision while the other has the vision necessary to be successful. One company has a roster of B+ players and of course a handful of WWE rejects while the other is completely building a better and more solid roster. The opportunity for Jeff Jarrett now is to be successful than that of his former company, the company he started and the company that he sold to a family who owns an energy company and put their daughter as their president and demoting him in the process. This is the opportunity to knock off the same company he founded and build a better product than the promotion he helped build. The opportunity to be number two couldn't be any more wider for GFW as Jeff is in the process of building a successful roster and making it better than TNA. But there is a few things that Jeff needs to do, assemble a top-notch roster and utilize that roster correctly. If the roster is used poorly, the individual would end up working somewhere. Another is how he can get a place to house the promotion. Although there are some places for GFW to set up shop, I sure hope they move to much better arenas. Heck, even they can move in to the old TNA Asylum just to sub TNA. The opportunities are endless for that promotion to flourish and prosper. Another is a television deal that can broadcast his venture to a wider and more acceptable audience. With WWE's watered-down PG product and TNA's inconsistency to be original, the chances of GFW being aired on national television is a small chance. Double J will have to roll the dice on that one and see if he can secure a successful TV deal to get the promotion broadcast to the national audience. To keep a certain wrestler happy, they have to let that wrestler have some outside freedom every now and then. Let them do interactive Pay-Per-Views or do DVD's with some independent promotions, as long as they get some money in their income. TNA doesn't let their wrestlers do indy iPPV's nor DVD 's anymore and to me that is stupid because they are missing out on the extra money they need to stay afloat. If GFW needs to stick around for a little while longer, they need all the necessary funds to stay in the black for many years to come. Look at ClickWrestle, which houses the biggest independent wrestling library in the world. They have arguably more than a 1,000 hours of Wrestling for the fans to see at affordable prices, something you won't find in any mainstream company. TNA wasn't very smart and now it's going to cost them big time. I know Jeff Jarrett is going to be successful in his new venture because he has the tools necessary to build whatever he needs to make GFW the destination for the real wrestling fans. In order to be successful, it has to be better than TNA when it comes to the following; their roster must be better than TNA's disheveled roster, their cruiserweight or light heavyweight division has to be better than TNA's sub-par X Division, their women's division has to be EXTREMELY better than the Knockouts Division which are the laughingstock of women's wrestling (With the exception of Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, Brittany), and their writing staff has to be more better better and more creative than TNA's comedy writers. It's all a better balance for GFW to be better than the competition and better than the shows TNA puts on. Like I said, I don't hate TNA, I just hate the crap they put on in the last few months. Jeff Jarrett, the ball is in your court. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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