• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Seth Rollins: Public Enemy #1

WWE fans have a voice that always wanted to be heard. Some might be positive and some might be negative. But after what happened in the past week fans saw Seth Rollins turn his back on the Shield and joined Triple H and his sadistic crusade to pull the plug on the Shield's dominance once and for all. And that turn got a lot of people angry and upset. As many people should know, the Shield came into the WWE in 2012 and dominated in a very big way, whereas Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were the Tag Team Champs at one point and Dean Ambrose was a United States Champ for over a year. Dominance was in their DNA. But when they have gotten over with the fans they started to continue the way they handle business because the DNA has never changed. The feud with the Wyatt Family showed us why we as fans need to believe in the Shield a whole lot more. And we did believe in these guys because they kicked a lot of butts and take a whole lot of names. The war with Evolution was also a turning point in their careers, because here you got a future hall of famer in Triple H, an tough guy in Randy Orton, and a big strongman in Batista; and these guys were already household names because they won numerous championships, dominated the business this past decade, and some of them were past their prime on the ring. And the Shield took the fight to then time and time again. Now that Batista has left WWE, it's a big opportunity for Rollins to get out of the shadows of his much popular partners and succeed with established veterans who can mold him into the next big thing in wrestling. What about Reigns and Ambrose? Hopefully they might find a suitable replacement or maybe solidify themselves as a tag team of sorts. But never stop believing in the Shield until it's done, because when it's done, it's done. For all those who don't want to watch WWE for the crappy storylines, I've always said there are plenty of alternatives to watch great wrestling. VOD's like ClickWrestle or Smart Mark Video, Indy promotions across the country, and the worst alternative in pro wrestling is TNA, the only place where flip-flopping in their storylines is driving fans nuts and attendance sucks because it's that low. But with WWE stock going down in recent weeks, look for more issues in the weeks to come on Wall Street and in the ring. Seth Rollins, to quote Tony Schiavone, you can go to Hell. Straight to Hell. And as for Triple H, you don't always win. Pulling crap like this isn't gonna win you support from the fans as well as businessmen and the entire locker room. You're not a winner in my book. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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