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The Evolution Of Seth Rollins

I remember back in 2010 when WWE decided to sign Tyler Black. I found it interesting because you had a guy who had done it all on the independent scene including winning the Ring of Honor World Title. I also worried that WWE would give him some goofy name, and that he would get lost in the shuffle in the developmental territories like so many others had in the past. I feared that he wouldn’t be able to adapt to that cookie cutter WWE style of wrestling that they like so much as the emphasize the entertainment over the wrestling, and that before long he would be back on the indie scene. When Tyler Black was rechristened Seth Rollins, all of my fears would go away as he would go on to be one of the most decorated wrestlers in Florida Championship Wrestling before it morphed into NXT where he would go on to become the first NXT champion. I wasn’t surprised when they decided to put him with two other upstarts in Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to wreak havoc as The Shield, and I loved the fact that it gave WWE some fresh faces to invest in because we could only see John Cena vs Randy Orton so many times. Rollins in The Shield seemed to put him in a role where he was the worker bee of the crew, but he did not have the size of Reigns or the mic skills of Dean Ambrose who was the awesome mouthpiece of the trio. What Rollins of course did have was excellent wrestling ability, and that underrated charisma. We had all heard the rumors that The Shield would be breaking up, but we had no idea who would be flying solo first. We also had no idea how the departure from the group would go down. After The Shield defeated Evolution at Payback, I was sure that they were going to be stronger than ever. I truly did “Believe in The Shield” to the point where their theme song was my alarm clock when I get up for work in the morning much to the dismay of my girlfriend. Then the next night on Raw we all watched as Seth Rollins pulled off the ultimate betrayal and “Pearl Harbored” Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose. The attack was cold and calculated, the way that it should have been. The buildup to the turn was done very well, and it was amazing to see that while Evolution looked battered, beaten, and in disarray, Triple H had an ace up his sleeve with Seth Rollins joining his stable. I know that some people don’t like the fact that Rollins joined up with Evolution, but I personally like it because it actually gives Evolution some fresh blood. Let’s admit it; Evolution was so 10 years ago before this. Now they have someone in the group who is young and has barely scratched the surface in regards to potential in WWE. Rollins being closely associated with two men who have been to the top in WWE can only help his push. The most important thing is that he isn’t overshadowed by Randy Orton and Triple H. He has to have plenty of spotlight on himself as a member of Evolution, and he can’t go in there only to play 2nd fiddle to the guys in the crew who are already established. Rollins in Evolution actually has me interested in seeing what happens next. I want to know his motives behind joining. Why would he turn his back on his stablemates after they had taken out a trio of former World Champions? And what kinds of match ups can we look forward to seeing? Rollins feuding with his former friends is definitely something fresh for the product. Are we going to see Rollins look the part as a member of Evolution? I mean are we going to see him in suits and shades? The biggest question is how does The Shield plan to deal with the fact that their trio has now become a duo? There is a lot of potential here with this. What do you think of Seth Rollins joining Evolution? Gimme your thoughts! Follow me on Twitter @whosantcox or you can email me at invidwarriorz@gmail.com.

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