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Future Endeavored

As you all know, WWE has finally released some of their superstars today. I have always said that with WWE starting to bring people up from NXT that it would only be a matter of time before WWE started making cuts on their main roster. Couple the call ups with the fact that WWE has been losing money, and you get “wished the best of luck in your future endeavors." We all knew that WWE was going to have to make some cuts somewhere to make up for some of that lost revenue, and because of this some people got that unfortunate phone call that their services were no longer needed. Some were kind of surprising, but for the most part they were all cuts that we saw coming (that includes you, JTG). Finances are just one reason that WWE had to make these cuts. Other times it is simply because creative had nothing for some of these people. For some reason they decided to split up Brodus Clay from Tensai, and then proceeded to do nothing with him. I honestly felt if they were gonna turn Clay heel, why not turn Tensai along with him causing Tons of Funk to be a monster team with an attitude? Maybe Clay simply fell out of favor with the company for reasons we don’t know about. Then you had someone like Evan Bourne who was very talented in the ring, but couldn’t stay healthy. Just like in the NFL, you can’t make the roster on injured reserve. It sucked to see the release of Teddy Long. Here you have a man who has spent almost 30 years in the wrestling business. Something tells me he won’t be out of work long, playa! I also think that he will eventually find himself in the WWE Hall of Fame. At age 66, what else is there left for him to do besides be on Season 2 of Legend’s House? He should write a book on his career as I am sure that he’s seen it all during his time in the business. He was around to see wrestling evolve from the territories to where it is today. The thing that sucks about being released is that WWE has no competition as the only game in town. Gone are the days that a person a person could simply go to another territory and make decent money. Gone are the days that a person could simply call up WCW, be hired, and get some of that Ted Turner money. Now some of these guys will have to take their talents to the independent scene or wrestle abroad. I look forward to getting pictures with some of these folks when they compete in the Pittsburgh area independent events! Curt Hawkins wasted no time in getting his indy bookings on deck, plus he and Brodus Clay have already signed with Pro Wrestling Syndicate. Maybe we will see Jinder Mahal or Aksana in TNA at some point! What it will all come down to is money. Some guys may feel that they can make more money on the independent scene or getting booked in other countries than they could being booked in TNA. Yoshi Tatsu can probably get himself booked in New Japan since he is a graduate of their dojo. He’s one of those guys who WWE just didn’t seem to be able to do anything with. While he may do well in Japan, WWE seemed to look at him the same way some of these ignorant ass fans looked at him....as just another Japanese guy. I am wondering if Ring of Honor will be making any phone calls. I can see them contacting Evan Bourne and asking if he would like to come back wrestling as Matt Sydal. When someone is released from WWE, they say that the phone doesn’t stop ringing in regards to independent wrestling promoters getting into contact with stars recently released by WWE. Getting these guys fresh off a WWE run is always best for their business because these people are still fresh in the minds of many fans. The recently released will have the next 90 days to collect severance from WWE and get booked all over attempting to make as much money as possible off their names. Maybe some of them will truly learn how to work again. Some will see what it is like to go from wrestling in huge arenas in front of 20,000, and see what it is like to wrestle at YMCA’s and high schools in front of 150 people. I wonder how many people will get a call to return to WWE? I guess we will have to wait and find out as the wrestling business has always had revolving doors! All I know is that if JTG is booked either with IWC of PWX Wrestling in Pittsburgh, that I will be buying a ticket! P.S. Remember when Vince McMahon was pushing Drew McIntyre as his “chosen one”? What happened with that? Give me your thoughts! You can hit me up on Twitter @whosantcox or you can email me at invidwarriorz@gmail.com!

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