• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Build Your Own Roster, TNA!

TNA can get anybody these days. From former WWE talent to Indy stars they can get almost anybody to fit their roster. But now the lowest thing that Dixie Carter has ever done is poach a small promotion to get talent. Wait, what? TNA is poaching a small promotion to get talent? And not some small promotion either. It's the highly talented roster of Ring Of Honor she's trying to poach. In an interview on MLW.com, ROH writer Court Bauer claims that the self-professed Southern Belle has attempted to attack TNA's depleted roster by thinning out ROH's much stacked roster of talent. Bauer also said that at one point TNA tried to air their commercials on ROH TV on the stations of the Hunt Valley, MD-based Sinclair Broadcasting Group, the owners of ROH. Unfortunately for Dixie, Sinclair under the watchful eye of chairman David D. Smith has shut down those futile attempts. These are not good moves for Dixie to build around her talent of B+ players and talentless clowns. With the speculation that TNA is not getting renewed on Spike after dismal ratings and more roster cuts in the near future, TNA does not have a stable front office as they have no talent relations director, a president that knows squat about wrestling, and TNA's demise is on the horizon. With Global Force Wrestling poised to be a solid #3 compan behind ROH in the near future, TNA is just like a carbon copy of WWE only with some flaws in their writing, roster, and front office. If they want to get to the top spot, they have to get former WWE talent and not a small promotion to bring talent. TNA has always disappointed me in more ways than one and it consistently fails to bring attention every chance they get. These are the kind of things that get people riled up because with Dixie Carter running TNA like a dead horse, it becomes completely irrelevant as an organization and going nowhere fast. With WWE's recent firings now is the opportunity to pick that talent that is suitable for their ideal concept. Whether or not they'll sign with them determines the fate of TNA as a whole. With an boatload of veterans on the roster that includes guys who are way past their prime, underused talent and just plain nobodies, TNA needs to go younger this time around and move forward from the WWE of the south and build their own legacy. If not, the blame is entirely on Dixie Carter and her mismanagement of TNA as a whole. There is an old saying to this; “This is a marathon, not a sprint." So far it looks like the marathon could be over for TNA. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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