• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

Why Six Sides Work

The TNA fans have demanded it, and now they got it. It's been four years since TNA had their famed six-sided ring, and now after a vote conducted by TNA Wrestling it will make a comeback after wrestler/entrepreneur/actor Hulk Hogan abolished it in 2010 stating that it only got them so far. The six-sided ring was unique in many ways; more turnbuckles to inflict a whole lot of damage, more space in the ring, and it provides plenty of high-risk opportunities from all angles. Although there are a lot of detractors about the six-sided ring due to health risks and difficult to utilize high-risk moves from the top rope, there are plenty of fans who want to see this staple of TNA back in some form. But to make some disgruntled workers happy, it has to be safe, and it has to be just right to make those high-risk maneuvers pay of big time. I'll gladly take six-sides over four-sides any day, considering the sad state TNA is in. I know it's not gonna save TNA from the word go, but to that I say, “Who cares?" It's great for the old-school TNA fans who want to see the stats return to their roots inside the famed six-sided ring, because no TNA fan want to see this company copy the WWE when it comes to talent, storylines, and the traditional ring. To those who wanted the traditional four-sided ring to stay, you have been outvoted. The six-sided ring is back and hopefully better than ever, because nostalgia defeats common sense when it comes to wrestling and this is no exception. It's a great opportunity for those who never wrestled inside that ring and for a new generation of fans to get well accustomed to the classic six-sided ring. It's only got them so far and now it's back, Jack. That ring is where the Ultimate X match was reinvented, where the six sides of steel was born, and where TNA was the ultimate alternative to WWE. Whether the fans like it or not, it's a staple of TNA for many years and now that it is back, expect the unexpected with TNA for years to come. Bottom line; six sides works. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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