• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

An Ode To Powerslam Magazine

Powerslam Magazine, the most popular wrestling magazine in the United kingdom, has released their final issue this week. It was the most influential publications in history and up-and-coming wrestling writers from across the UK were inspired to utilize the same style that Powerslam Magazine had done in the past. It had the honest opinion of wrestling and is one of the most popular magazines in the UK. It had the honest opinion of wrestling and is one of the most popular magazines in the UK and it was no nonsense, and downright honest opinion of wrestling and giving readers behind the scenes access to the best wrestling action all over the world. Despite the success of Apter-mags like Pro Wrestling Illustrated and The Wrestler, Powerslam Magazine went to places the other magazines would never go into. And now that it has closed its doors, their legacy will live on. Started in 1991 as Superstars of Wrestling before change the name in 1994, Powerslam Magazine featured the results from the events, historical and contemporary articles, and interviews with the top stars of wrestling through the years. Without Powerslam Magazine, Kayfabe Kickout would exist; and the fact that their legacy will live on through the writers who made wrestling journalism their passion is a simple to honor the magazine’s 20+ year history. A little known fact is this; In 2004 I started to utilize a newsletter inspired by magzines like Pro Wrestling Illustrated, WWE Magazine, and Powerslam Magazine called “The Hollywood Line” and it wasn’t the most read work you see from me now. That closed in 2004 after two issues. The Hollywood Line in a way is a spirtual decendent of The Barbwire Blog, which began as The Barbwire in 2012. While Powerslam was completely non-kayfabe, The Barbwire Blog wasn’t always kayfabe to a certain degree. And much like Powerslam, it makes people think and use differing opinions about the subjects written here. And it was praised by the kind folks of PWI at one point. And with much respect from the great men and women who made Kayfabe Kickout the best wrestling journalism page in this day and age, Powerslam magazine would be credited for giving the best UK writers a chance to display their passion of wrestling journalism on a regular basis. Each and every year, the PS 50 was always a great honor for those who were named number #1 in the magazine’s list of the best wrestlers of the year. And it was a great read to those who look forward to it every time it came out, much like the PWI 500. And it wasn’t without it’s fair share of critics either, from it’s anti-WWE stance to the absurd accusations that the magazine was exploiting the business, and that one was years before the internet did such things and during the time Dave Meltzer was doing those kinds of things with the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. When Powerslam came on to the scene in the mid-1990s they delivered with hard journalism and they crossed the lines that PWI wouldn’t dare cross. And Kayfabe Kickout will continue its legacy of ground-breaking journalism until this one closes its doors. But quite frankly, I don’t see that happening. I wish editor Fin Martin and all the great staff the best in their future endeavors, and I salute them for being the groundbreaking brand of wrestling journalism. It inspired the best writers of the UK to turn wrestling journalism from hobby to passion. To those who contibuted to the magazine in the past, thank you for inspiring all those wonderful wrestling journalists for keeping their passion of professional wrestling alive and well; and for me an inspiration to be involved in professional wrestling joirnalism for many great years to come. Here’s to Powerslam Magazine, after 20 years, may your legacy live on forever. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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