• By John Zimmerman, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

The Independents Are The New Territories

A common cry heard from wrestling fans is the demise of the old territory system. The days of the NWA are indeed a thing of the past but if you look around there is a suitable replacement. Independent wrestling companies and promoters can be found in most major cities. Wrestling in VFW halls and school gyms are some of the most promising and entertaining talents in the business. The men & women performing at these shows are doing something they love to do for little money and the fans are ultimately the winners. Supporting your local wrestling organization is a fun night out for families on a budget in these times of economic woes. The talent at the shows give it their all every weekend. The lack of a huge production makes the performers have to give you the best show in the ring. Nearly every major star in the WWE, TNA & ROH have started at an indie level and some even moonlight still at these shows. You may just see tomorrow's stars today at your local Elks lodge for only a few dollars admission. Anyone who has seen the WWE DVD feature on CM Punk can see footage of him starting out at independent shows. You can be the guy that can really say "I saw him when...." Check your local area for an independent show and go out and see the performers. I can bet you'll be hooked and I know they'll appreciate it more than the big corporate giant.

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