• By Dani Mitchell, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

WWE: Time To Break Up

A long long time ago in the time of the WWF we had feuds that meant something. Story-lines were used to build a back and forth that made us excited for pay per views and when someone won, you’d be surprised and excited for what was next. Fast forward to present day WWE and you have so-so story-lines that leave little to the imagination, and then are swept under the rug before you can even get invested in a rivalry. WWE doesn’t give us the Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart or Stone Cold vs. The Rock, instead we get fights like Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio (again) and Divas fighting over Fandango. Where is the excitement and the anticipation? One problem is there are too many pay-per-views. It doesn't give us enough time to build up a match between the superstars. The worst part is you know that you are going to see the same matches repeat at the next Monday Night Raw and leading up the next pay-per-view, over and over. It’s stale and we all expect it because they don’t use time between pay-per-views to develop stories and the really heated rivalries. Second problem is WWE is bringing up way too many NXT kids way too soon. They are trying to debut too many characters to try to fill the wrestling boots of the stars they have lost. I am all for supporting NXT and I think they have a lot of talent, however, they need to pick and choose who they are bringing up and use them to enhance the work of the superstars they have now on the roster. If they knew who would work well with some of the top talent they would be able to develop some feuds that I would want to see. I for one loved with Nexus came up and caused chaos for the stars on the roster. Then when CM Punk got involved, brilliant. That was a great development of story-line and kept things interested. You could follow along and not really predict what was going to happen next. We need some elements of surprise. Third and final problem…WWE has 3 hours to fill on Monday Nights, they do not use the 3 hours wisely. In 3 hours you could have some real complex rivalries; instead we get little snippets that leave you questioning what is going on. The perfect example of this is A.J. Lee and Paige. They hate each other, they lose their titles to each other, and then they are partners and rooting each other on? It took 3 times to get across what was happening, and you weren’t really sure until finally Paige was on commentary and basically just spelled it out calling themselves “frenemies”. Okay, so why didn’t they use time wisely and spell this out for us sooner, so we could be way deeper into an intense match up by now. Let’s also take a look at SmackDown. God, I hate SmackDown. It is a repeat on Monday Night Raw. Same matches, replays of what happened, no development, and you might as well just read the spoilers online because there is no real reason watch. Remember when SmackDown and Raw were two different brands and the Superstars on Raw would feud with Smackdown and they had a draft. I say it’s time to split the belts, split the brands, and add some excitement back to Friday night. If they split some of the superstars on the different brands they could also give more time to different feuds on different nights. WWE, take me back.

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