• By Anthony Cox, Kayfabe Kickout Senior Columnist

Failure To Make An "IMPACT"

I must say that I am saddened by the news that Spike TV will not be renewing the contract for TNA Impact Wrestling. I feel that this is an unfortunate situation because if they aren’t able to find a new station to showcase the product, this could cause TNA to no longer exist. If that happens, then that also means that there will be a lot of people in the wrestling business out of a job. Where will all of that talent go? I am not sure if WWE will scoop any of them up because they have said in the past that they have no interest in TNA talent. Plus, WWE is losing a shit ton of money, and trying to cut costs wherever possible as seen by talent releases recently. The roster is already bloated between WWE and NXT, so I doubt they want to make any more room for anyone else. If WWE does take anyone, it will be guys who had originally wrestled for WWE in the first place before heading to TNA such as Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and maybe the Dudley Boyz (sorry TNA fanboys, spending time on WWE Velocity or Jakked doesn’t count in this case). Maybe Jarrett will take some talent too, but I am sure he does not want Global Force to become overridden with TNA castoffs just like TNA eventually became overridden with WWE castoffs. The question is who gets the blame here? How can Spike not want to renew a contract with a product that brings in over a million primetime viewers each week? By now, we’ve heard it all! Blame Russo, Blame Hogan & Friends, blame it on the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol. The only person I truly blame here is Dixie Carter for being a clueless money mark. It is clear that Spike has lost all faith in her running that ship. They decided that can do better probably show reruns of CSI & 1000 Ways to Die instead of supporting that money pit known as Impact Wrestling. She had the chance to make TNA into something different, instead we had to see her as a heel authority figure and put herself over on TV constantly for the past couple of years. Back to Vince Russo, rumors have come out that Spike didn’t renew the deal because they found out that Russo was working for TNA again as a consultant! I think that Russo is being used as some sort of scapegoat here. Dixie had supposedly met with some of the top people in TNA, and told them they were leaving Spike on their own terms just a few days before Spike decided to pull the plug themselves. Something doesn’t seem right here. I think Dixie Carter told them they were leaving regardless because SHE KNEW they weren’t going to get renewed. Now I wonder if TNA could have been saved if Dixie would have sold it to Jeff Jarrett. Global Force has been negotiating with some channels, and one of them did happen to be one that has shown wrestling before. Could Spike be that channel? Is it possible that Global Force is evicting TNA? I would not be surprised at all if this was Jeff Jarrett’s way of telling TNA & Dixie Cater “F*ck You!”. What I am hoping more than anything is that TNA is able to find another network. I feel that the more jobs available to wrestlers to compete on national television the better. I don’t want to see another wrestling company with such a great roster of athletes go under. And what about those million or so wrestling fans? There could be a segment out of that group who will decide to stop watching professional wrestling altogether because maybe TNA happens to be their favorite brand. It happened with WCW when they shut down, albeit with a much larger audience, and it can happen with TNA wrestling too. There are enough displaced wrestling fans out there. Do we really need anymore? A company that people had predicted would go under after a year has now been around for over 12 years. I hope something can be done to keep it afloat. What do you think about the future for TNA? Is there any chance another network will pick them up? Will Spike have a change of heart? Or will TNA just become part of some video library? Give me your thoughts on Twitter @whosantcox.

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