• By Matthew Hollie, Kayfabe Kickout Guest Writer

To Blade Or Not To Blade? To Women, That Is The Question!

Women's Wrestling has seen some talented women over the years, and the physicality these women take are out of this world. Some women have kept their beauty in check, others risk it all even to the point they end up getting bloodied in the process. But when Indy star Candace LaRae got plenty of color in her match at PWG and Veda Scott getting carved up in her match at AIW, it showed how tough women can be regardless of image. And then there is this tweet sent by TNA Knockout Velvet Sky; “Attn ladies in wrestling...stop carving yourselves to shreds. Nuff said." That tweet alone created a conversation about showing women to blade in wrestling. While many fans supported her for her comments, others criticizing her while defending the likes of Candace and Veda and others who have bladed in the past by saying they are free to do whatever they want, when they way to do it. I feel both sides are right on the dot on this one, however. Blading is a party of wrestling and when it comes right down to it, a wrestler must make a final decision on whether to blade or not. It's rare in women's wrestling where women blade themselves and still try to look their best while doing it. Saraya Knight at one time was busted open in one of her matches in recent years, but that doesn't stop her from looking good in the process. Cheerleader Melissa was a victim of being bloodied when she faced LuFisto last year in SHIMMER. Even if the scar is faded away, she still looks beautiful. LuFisto herself has bladed herself in her career and still looks better than before. Women in wrestling are tough and competitive but when they end up getting bloodied, they can still look beautiful no matter what. That's their choice and nobody else's. But when it comes to blading themselves, I wouldn't encourage that, but in all honesty, if that's their choice, I have to respect their decision. While some fans blast some women wrestlers for use of cosmetic surgery to get more bookings in the wrestling scene, I for one have one rule that everyone must follow; “If you can't say anything nice to someone or something, don't say nothing at all." Whatever they do with their body, it's their choice. Even when they look beautiful with or without cosmetic surgery, they all look beautiful. I can understand the logic of beauty no matter what and for that reason alone, that is good enough for me. I also understand what Velvet is saying despite some criticism that goes along with it. If women are free to blade and take risks, what's stopping them? Practically nothing. Follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie.

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